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KTM Steering Damper
KTM Steering Damper
PLEASE NOTE: Available ex Austria only. Delivery can take up to 6 weeks.

Stabilizer with three fully adjustable circuits. Has an adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding. Allows you to adjust the amount of degrees of damping you want from centerline. Has a ''''High Speed Circuit'''' designed to absorb those sharp edged jolts. Successfully works for every type of off-road application. It is the only stabilizer that's been around for 15 years and has won every major off-road race.

For mounting on SX/EXC/SXS models.

Follwoing mountings kits are necessary:
81212005344 bracket
58512050044 clamp for EXC tripleclamps ( 59001034120 )
58512050144 clamp for SX tripleclamps ( 59401034019, 5940103401920, 5940103401930 or 5940103401988)
58512050244 / 544 clamp for SXS tripleclamps
Price: AU$ 850.00
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