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2018 Motorcycle Trends: Which Motorcycle to Buy Next?

The 2018 motorcycle trends will be dominated by the old and the powerful. First, there’s a changing demographic about who buys motorcycles. Recently, men ages 40 and above are looking for a new motorcycle. Second, many customers now look for motorcycles with more powerful engines. This is to reflect the current trends about energy, power and intensity.

Going beyond function

Buying a new motorcycle goes beyond fulfilling a necessity. It’s also a symbol of the customer’s status and personality. If it’s all about necessity, people would just buy the most basic motorcycles available.

The truth is, here at Procycles customers look for very specific features. They pay attention to all the details including the frame and even the curvature of the fuel tank. That’s because every detail tells a lot about the motorcycle’s style and design. It then reflects on the rider’s personality and lifestyle.

That’s why many customers now (both young and old adults) are careful to choose a motorcycle. They look at all the details and touch some of the parts. It’s just amazing to look at a quality work of art (especially if it’s a BMW motorcycle).

It’s a source of pride and power. That’s why the motorcycle exterior and all the details should signify power. The appearance itself (not including the riding experience) should itself communicate power to fellow riders and bystanders.

Touring, sport or commute

Whichever is the purpose, popular motorcycles now have a touch of the classic. Whether it’s a Suzuki or Triumph, even the finest details derive inspiration from the old and gold. The difference is that these details were now optimised for function and style.

For example, look at the Suzuki Boulevard S40. All eyes will be on that motorcycle wherever you ride or park it. It’s perfect for cruising the roads and boulevards. It has a classic and timeless design coupled with modern technology to deliver the most satisfying rider experience.

It’s also possible to combine the classics and power when it comes to roadsters and supersports. For example, the Triumph Street Triple RS has one of the most exhilarating performance, while still having its touch of the classic (no matter how modern it looks). With its 765cc engine and 3 levels of power and torque, the riding experience is just on a different level.

2018 Motorcycle trends Sydney

Classics and power will dominate 2018 and the succeeding years. Timeless design with updated technologies will make motorcycle riders craving for more.

Here at Procycles, many beginners, first-time buyers and experienced riders visit our showrooms at Hornsby and St Peters (servicing Sydney’s CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and south to the Shire). Visit one of our showrooms today.