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3 Valuable Benefits of a Motorcycle Service Centre in St Peters

Owning a motorcycle in Australia offers limitless opportunity for adventure and excitement, giving riders freedom on the open road and in the bush all year round. Part of being a bike owner also includes regular attention to maintenance, and although some jobs may be easy to perform, others require the expertise of a motorcycle service centre. If St. Peters and Hornsby bike owners need help they would be wise to seek the advice of a professional to make sure they can continue to enjoy safe riding and top performance.

Valuable Benefits                                                                                                                                        

Three valuable benefits of a motorcycle service centre include, but are not limited to, bike repairs, tyre fitting, and registration inspections. When riders can depend on experts in motorcycle repair and service, it can make all the difference in extending the life of the bike.

  1. Registration Inspections

Motorcycles must meet certain requirements in order to be ridden on Australian roads. This includes safety and emission standards set forth by the law. Local service centres can provide safety inspections for motorcycles in order to make sure the vehicle is in the proper condition for travel. In most cases, light vehicles older than five years require a safety check before the registration can be renewed.

  1. Tyre Fitting and Replacement

Tyre fitting and replacement is a normal part of bike maintenance. Procycles motorcycle service centre in St. Peters will carry a full range of tyres for most models, and may provide free fitting service when the tyres are purchased in-store. When the tyre tread becomes worn or damage has occurred, an expert service centre can assess the wear and offer a choice of replacement tyres depending on how and where you ride your bike.

  1. Smash Repairs

Accidents can happen anytime, and when they do, trusting a bike to the professionals is one of the best steps to take. Whether a vehicle needs body or panel repairs, a paint job, or parts replacement, relying on a team of experts is key. The bike’s owner will want his or her investment brought back to its original state, and specialists can deliver at a motorcycle service centre. Procycles at Hornsby and St. Peters are equipped with everything necessary to get the job done. If your bike is covered by an insurance policy, ask your insurer to have the bike taken to Procycles for a quotation, to bring the motorcycle back to it’s former glory.

Trust the Experts                                                                                                                                 

Whether it’s a new Triumph model or a used BMW, the knowledgeable staff and technicians at Procycles are on hand to service just about any brand of bike. From the 40-point inspection to a full range of mechanical services in both Hornsby and St. Peters, the aim is to complete the job quickly and to the highest standard. Connect today for more information.