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BMW F750 GS. Big GS Thrills Without the Price!

BMW F750 GS. Totally New Model with Low Seat Height.
It’s and 850 with 750 Badges!

NEW ENGINE: Same engine as the new 850. Electronically controlled to produce 77hp and 83Nm at 6,000rpm torque.
IT’S LIGHTER: 224kg.
LOW SEAT: Height (770-830mm) plus slim tank and seat. Anyone over 5ft 2in is going to be able to touch the ground.
NEW FORKS: Telescopic fronts with 151mm of travel and a rear spring with 177mm of travel.
NEW WHEELS: Cast wheels, a wider 19in front tyre.
NEW FRAME, CHASSIS and ELECTRONICS: Same as the new F850 with the same cornering ABS and traction control, dynamic ESA and multiple rider modes.
NEW OPTIONAL TFT SCREEN AND CONNECTIVITY FEATURES: same as the new R1250 GS. Like iPads in both looks, display quality, user experience and performance.

Connect with the dash via Bluetooth. Make calls and listen to music (you need a helmet with a communication system), plus connect to a BMW app on your phone to provide integrated navigation controlled by the excellent handlebar mounted BMW control wheel.