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BMW’s Electric CE-04 Has Arrived at Procycles

What Is It Like To Ride the BMW CE-04?

The CE 04 not only looks amazing, but it works and it’s probably the first  serious competition to petrol-powered alternatives.

This is more than a traditional maxi scooter – it’s a masterpiece of style, tech and engineering. A surprisingly quick commuter, it will accelerate to 60 kph in just 3 seconds. And the CE 04’s torque is instantly accessible. Maximum output is the equivalent of 42bhp at 4,900rpm; with a claimed top speed of 120kph.

100% charging time is one hour and 40 minutes using the optional fast charger. Or 4 hours and 20 mins from a regular household socket. A 20-80% charge takes just 45 minutes with the fast charger or one hour 40 minutes from a regular household socket.

When you ride the new CE-04, there is no lag or clutch delay, no build-up of revs. Instead there is instant torque and acceleration.

Three riding modes come as standard along with ABS and Traction control. The optional Dynamic package offers an additional riding mode, plus adaptive headlights and more advanced rider aids including lean-sensitive ABS and traction control.

Each mode has a different throttle response and engine brake strategy, which regenerates energy back to the battery. Eco, for example, is very soft, with maximum battery recuperation and strong engine braking, while Road delivers full acceleration and dramatically reduced engine braking and regeneration. Dynamic mode will embarrass most cars from the lights, the traction control activating from time to time over slippery white lines and cats-eyes. It also comes with a reverse gear,

The BMW CE-04 has a full-colour 10.25in TFT dash with mobile connectivity and enough luggage space large for a full face helmet.

The ride from the Showa suspension is a firm, but the seat is comfier than it looks. The twin discs do an excellent job of stopping the CE 04, with the back brake lever on the left bar. The levers are span-adjustable.

Interested? Talk to Procycles. We are currently delivering pre-sold units.