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“BMW’s R1200GS Rallye Motorcycle Rides Like a Rolls-Royce”


“With just the right suspension, perfect balance, and excellent torque, this BMW is great for all kinds of roads.”

An shortened review by Matthew Mille writing for respected Bloomberg Business Magazine.


“From the second I got on it, the BMW R1200GS Rallye motorcycle was amazing. Perfectly balanced, with the weight down low, me sitting up so high, and a massive amount of torque right from the first twist of the throttle. The suspension was like a magic carpet ride. The experience of the Rallye quickly reminded me of a four-wheeled BMW brand: Rolls-Royce.

This hasn’t been my experience with all the GS models I’ve ridden, and I’ve ridden many. The best-known and most successful motorcycle line from BMW, GSs typically remind me more of Range Rovers—big, luxurious, capable SUVs. The Rallye, like a Rolls, is on another level completely.

What Is a Rallye?


“Rallye” is the moniker that BMW has given to their top-of-the-line adventure bike that uses its boxer engine, with the horizontally opposed cylinders for which BMW Motorrad is famous. And equipped with cornering ABS and a quickshifter, as well as BMW’s astonishing electronic suspension adjustment technology, dubbed Dynamic ESA.

I tried it on the streets of Germany and Spain. The extra 20mm of suspension travel on the Rallye is meant to help the bike perform better in the dirt, but it really makes it a dream to drive on the road. Any road.

The Bemmer is meant for carrying lots of people and luggage, which is what made it so perfect for my 2,000 km trip from Madrid to Jerez and back, stopping along the way to visit Sevilla and Ronda as well.

The Rallye felt roomier to me. I felt like I had about 20mm more legroom when I turned the seat from low to high (the seat-height of the GS can be adjusted with plates under the bench).

On the Rallye, I had no problem at all covering a similar distance from Madrid to Sevilla confidently at a triple-digit pace the entire time, pushing the manufacturer’s claimed top speed of 218 kph even in the rain.”