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Buy First Motorcycle: How to Make the Ideal Choice

Planning to buy first motorcycle? This is actually a more challenging task than buying car. That’s because motorcycles come in a wide variety (for different purposes, style). In addition, a bike looks and feels a bit more personal. That’s why you have to be more careful in doing this fun and yet important task.

In this short article, we’ll discuss how to avoid newbie mistakes and make the right choice instead. This way, you’ll get the best value from your purchase. Let’s start.

1. Start small

Many newbies start with motorbikes that have engines less than 600cc. These are slower and less powerful, which is why this is the ideal (and safer) option for beginners. After you’ve gained the skill and experience, you can always go for more powerful bikes later on.

In general, bikes with smaller engines are usually more affordable than bigger ones. You can get used to the less powerful bike first before going to a tournament-type motorcycle. Smaller engines are also sufficient for everyday use such as daily commutes to work or school.

2. New or used?

Buying your first motorcycle in Sydney feels like a huge risk (which is why you’re being careful in the first place). Whether it’s your first vehicle or not, almost any quality motorcycle costs a considerable amount of money.

A less risky and more affordable option is to buy a used motorcycle. In this option, you will feel more comfortable buying a bike for your daily commute or weekend rides. You will spend less while having a functional motorcycle.

You might be concerned about the quality and safety of used bikes. The good thing is, here at Procycles, we perform a 40-Point Inspection before offering the used motorbikes for sale. Moreover, our expert staff also perform test rides to each bike. This is to ensure the safety of the new rider.

3. Consider the total cost

Aside from the motorcycle itself, it’s likely that you’ll also buy the appropriate rider gear such as helmets, pants and jackets. You might also buy motorcycle accessories such as a luggage bag or motorcycle cover.

You should also add those to your budget before buying a motorcycle. This way, you won’t be surprised about the total cost. You should also ask for financing (including the insurance) options so it will be very light to pay for the motorcycle (whether new or used).

Buy first motorcycle Sydney

You can get the best value if you follow the tips above in buying your first motorcycle. If you need more information and assistance, you can contact us today here at Procycles.