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KTM E-Ride

Discover the magic of KTM’s e-ride for confidence inspiring, clean and quiet, effortless riding pleasure. No fuel, no oil, no noise. Lightweight and easy to ride with no gears, no clutch and no kickstart. Ride closer to home and open up new riding possibilities with your low impact, but thrilling instant electric power. And you get longer riding fun and – thanks to 50% more battery power. Start them off with the KTM electric balance bikes and graduate to the Electric KTM SX-E5 motocrosser.

Procycles stock the full range of current models as listed below:



The KTM 12eDRIVE is perfect for little rippers with no experience and with an inseam of 35 cm or more to touch the ground. They can learn to push, balance, and coast in the non-powered mode, then graduate them to the power mode as they get more confident.



The KTM 16eDRIVE is the perfect choice for budding motocrossers with some experience, and are a little taller, with an inseam of 45 cm or more, to adequately touch the ground. An opportunity to master balance and throttle control as they graduate to a larger platform.


KTM SX-E 5 2023

The SX-E 5 is an all-electric mini for junior riders. With zero emissions, it’s a real-world alternative to the petrol-powered 50s. With high-quality components that make it superior to any other electric minis, this is a fully-fledged racer, for younger riders for use where noise is a problem.