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Motorcycle Boots: How to Complete Your Outfit

Motorcycle boots go beyond completing your outfit and feeling comfortable. They also actually add to the safety level of the riders.

That’s why many riders, enthusiasts and regular commuters carefully choose the boots they’ll wear. This way, these boots can add to their enjoyment of each ride.

In this short guide, we’ll discuss the important features you should look for. Before you purchase a pair of boots, these features will help you in making the right choice. Let’s start.

1. Waterproof

The boots should be waterproof so you can stay comfortable even if you’re all day riding. The boots and your feet should remain dry almost at all times.

Many motorbike boots (such as the BMW boots) have a hydrophobic material. This is very helpful especially during rainy days. The raindrops will just bead up and roll off. They won’t penetrate the boots. Your feet will remain dry and you’ll stay comfortable.

2. Breathable

This might be contradictory with the feature above. Fortunately, you can still have the best of both worlds. You can still have a pair of boots that’s breathable and waterproof.

These boots have parts that are fully covered. There are also some parts that have a breathable membrane instead. The design is optimised so the feet can stay ventilated while having a protection against rain and water.

3. Abrasion resistance

Aside from durability, resistance to abrasion also offers some level of protection to the rider. If the boots remain strong and durable after countless rides, the riders still have a layer of protection against the tough road or from the motorcycle itself.

4. Safety features

For both racers and regular commuters, there might be a few manoeuvres that require sudden movement of the heels and toes. To accommodate for these movements, the boots should offer some flexibility.

In addition, the boots should be shaped according to the anatomical design of the feet. This somehow contributes to the safety level of the boots. Slips and discomfort are minimal if the boots are properly designed.

Motorcycle boots Sydney

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