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Motorcycle News: The NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme – Update

The government will not allow you to ride new or used motorcycles on NSW roads unless you have an approved motorbike-riding license for your particular machine. To obtain the New South Wales starter license you must have approved evidence of understanding the principles of motorcycling.

Watching the motorcycle news for riding tips is insufficient. You must follow one of these two approved systems. Please note you may only ride a motorbike approved for novice riders until you obtain your full riders licence.

Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme

  • If you over sixteen years and six months of age and live in a ‘declared area’ – call Roads and Maritime on 13 22 13 to find out – you have to complete a pre-learner course with an approved training provider to qualify for a provisional learner license.
  • You may return to an approved provider at least three months after that to complete the second leg of your training. This is the pre-provisional course to qualify for your provisional PI license. Here is a list of all the training centres in NSW.

The Process to Follow in Undeclared Areas

  • If you over sixteen years and six months of age and live in an ‘undeclared area’, and you decide not to use a rider-training provider in a declared area, you need to apply to pass the computer-based driver knowledge test for riders to get your learner rider license. This is quite strict. We advise you to study the free online motorcycle riders’ handbook.
  • As you have not benefited from the rider training scheme you have to obtain a certificate of riding competence from a service centre to get your P1 license. Here is the booking form to get you started. They will contact you to arrange a review of your riding skills.

Higher Levels of Motorcycle Riding Licenses

  • After twelve months with a P1, you can apply for a provisional P2 license. There is no training. You complete the application form, pass an eyesight test at a service centre, pay a fee, and you have a renewable P2 license valid for 30 months.

If you are aged over 25, you may be exempt from the P2 stage provided you hold a full Australian driving license, and have twelve months P1 experience.

  • Two years later (and assuming you are over twenty-five, and have not earned too many demerits) you may apply for a full license. The process is similar to the P2 formality and you use the same application form. Once approved, you may ride any motorcycle registered for use in Australia for the first time.

Find a Motorcycle Approved for Use by Novice Riders

Learner Approved Motorcycles [LAMS] bikes must be under 650cc and comply with a power-to-weight ratio, or electric powered under 25kW. Procycles has an approved range of Suzuki motorcycles for learners. We also have a selection of qualifying KTM Motorcycles that comply.

We would love to introduce to your new bike and offer you a test ride if you qualify. We have been around for so long, it is no longer motorcycle news that we have branches waiting for your call at 140 Princes Highway St Peters, and 148 George Street Hornsby.