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Motorcycle Pants Best Protection: 3 Things to Look For

Searching for the best protection in motorcycle pants? After all, one of the most common riding-related injury is from road rash. Some riders get off balance and the first thing to make contact to the ground is their legs. As a result, they might be able to ride thier bike for some time..

To prevent that, one of your best options is having quality motorcycle pants. In this short article, we’ll discuss how to make the proper choice and ensure you have the best protection while on the road. Let’s start.

1. Abrasion and tear resistance

Your favourite denim pants won’t be enough to protect you from the road’s harshness. Many injuries have actually resulted from wearing just the plain old pants.

That’s because denim might be the weakest in abrasion resistance compared to other materials such as leather and synthetics. In addition, these stronger materials also have stronger stitches. This means they won’t become torn apart so easily.

A high abrasion and tear resistance can make a huge difference when an unfortunate event comes. You might be very thankful later that you chose durable pants which protected you from the solid road surface.

2. Better ventilation

There are just those days when it’s unusually warm and humid. Don’t let the weather ruin your ride. You can still feel comfortable even during those hot summer days.

Many motorcycle pants today offer excellent ventilation. The air can circulate freely which can help you feel comfortable all day long. This will prevent the build-up of sweat and any unpleasant odours.

But what about the rainy days? Thankfully there are waterproof pants now available. These are also abrasion-resistant while offering you protection from water and rain. You won’t worry much about changing pants while in the middle of your weekend ride.

3. Comfortable soft material

Comfort can mean having excellent ventilation and protection from water. In addition, comfort can also mean feeling the soft material and still having freedom when it comes to movement.

It seems a trade-off (strength vs comfort and flexibility). However, synthetic fibres such as polyamide and polyester satisfy both conditions. You can still have lightweight and soft pants while ensuring you have the best protection possible.

Motorcycle pants best protection Sydney

Remember that the pants can make a huge difference when the time comes. Aside from giving the best protection and comfort, these can also complete your rider outfit. In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles available. Surely, you can find one that suits your taste and functionality.

If you want to explore options, you can browse through our wide range of motorcycle pants. We have pants optimised whether it’s for the summer or rainy season.