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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Dealer

Are you in the market to buy a new or previously owned motorcycle, but unsure where to look? Perhaps you are wondering which bike is best for you. We have a great range of new and used Suzuki, KTM, Triumph, and BMW motorcycles in our motorbike showroom. We inspect and test ride each one before we add it to our motorcycle inventory.

How to Choose the Right Motorbike Sales Showroom

The excitement of owning new and second hand motorbikes wears off quickly if there is poor after-sale service. Here are the six things that make the difference when buying motorbikes, bike spares and motorcycle accessories.

  1. Is there motorbike show room in your town? While it is tempting to ride 100 kilometres chasing what seems like a bargain elsewhere, this becomes a pain if the motorcycle needs repair, not to mention a routine service. This is equally true in the case of used motorcycles.
  1. Are the owners and staff motorcycle people? People that never ride Triumph, BMW, Suzuki, and KTM motorcycles do not understand them, period. They have no idea how riders and motorbikes bond, and all they do is sell machinery. Motorbike people understand it is about lifestyle.
  1. How long have they been in motorcycle sales? A motorbike is a finely tuned, beautiful piece of machinery. It deserves respect because it needs perfect handling especially when pushed to its limits. Setting up motorbikes for competitions needs experience gained over many years.
  1. Have you seen the inside their motorbike workshop yet. If not, the motorcycle dealer may be concealing something they prefer you not to see. Dirt can enter a bearing and cause it to seize later. If there are bits and pieces lying all over the place, how can you be confident about your wheels?
  1. Is the new and used motorcycle dealer part of the community? Amateur and professional competitors at motorcycle events need support of local networks to win. If a motorcycle sales company is putting money into the motorbike community, they are bike people. If not, you have your answer.
  1. What do their customers have to say about them? Sure, you can check the reviews on the internet but we both know some are canned. Instead, hang out at events and hear what riders say. Here is a hot tip. Spend time at the spares and accessories counter. Do the people love bikes or is it just a job?

This completes our six suggestions based on forty-two years  experience at Procycles northside side, and another twelve years in the south at St Peters. We involve ourselves deeply in motorcycle sports at grass roots level. Sponsoring race teams, conducting track days and flying the Procycles colours wherever motorcyclists gather.

Choose the Right Motorcycle Dealer.  We are motorbike people. We love our motorcycles and we treat them with respect. If you want to know which bike is best for you, speak to the people at the Procycles motorcycle sales showroom first. They ride every bike they sell. They will know.