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Motorcycles for Sale & Which One to Choose

Choosing among the various motorcycles for sale at Procycles can be a challenge, especially if you are a new rider and used to cars and utes. The temptation may be to go for one of our big Suzuki Motorcycles from the start because you want to impress your friends, or roar off into the sunset on one of the powerful BMW Sports Motorbikes we have for sale.

There are Wiser Motorcycles Choices to Start With

We caution you to begin with something smaller to begin that is easier to ride. The most stable new and used motorbikes generally comply with these standards:

  • Lower seat height so you can put your feet firmly on the ground when stationery, and control the motorcycle if it gets off balance. The lower centre of gravity also adds to overall stability.
  • Lighter weight, so braking, accelerating, balancing and steering are easier when starting out.
  • A basic machine is a wise starter’s choice as opposed to a specialist Triumph Cruiser, Competition KTM, or supremely powerful Suzuki Off Roader. Select a bike that does most things well to start with.

Choosing New Motorcycles is Not Just About Size

A five-foot six-inch youngster does not have the same strength as a ninety-kilogram adult. Study the folk riding the big Harleys. They are big people with the power to control these huge machines. If you are young, start with something more manageable. You may also find far more pleasure from the freedom a lighter motorcycle brings.

We advise our fresher shoppers seeking used and new motorcycles to choose a moderately powerful bike. The rockets on two wheels we sell require experienced riders, and a mature sense of balance when they experience extreme forces as they sometimes do. Rather go for predictable handling. Go with the flow. Grow your experience. In a few years’ time, you could be ready for anything.

Quick Buyer’s Guide to Different Types of Motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles: General-purpose bikes are good place to start. Some riders call them ‘naked’ because they are not dressed up with windscreens and fairings.

Street Bikes: Solid, uncomplicated machines intended to be ridden around town are good learners. They are definitely not for off-road work and long-distance touring!

Off-Road Bikes: You can call them dirt bikes, scrambler bikes and trials bikes but the principle is the same. They are great for dirt, sand, and grass, not for long roads.

Sports Tourers: Lighter-weight bikes that provide a sportier ride and handle bends easier. They have specialist brakes, suspension and engines.

Touring Bikes: Their big engines and fairings take time to master. These are for experienced riders with experience and stamina to travel long distances for hours.

Cruiser Motorcycles: Chopper bikes attract with their looks and easy rider style. Their seating positions take time to get used to. Best do a trial before you buy!

Do You Need More Advice? Talk to the Experts at Procycles

Stop by our Hornsby Branch at 148 George Street for a chat, or pop by our St Peters Branch on 140 Princes Highway to have all your questions answered. Call us any time you want to chat about our motorcycles for sale. We are motorbike people. It’s what we do!