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Off Road Equipment


The racetrack is no place for the faint-of-heart or those uncomfortable with the high-paced thrills of racing.
Reliable gear is essential to perform at your peak. That’s why KTM Race PowerWear is not only stylish but fully functional too. made from carefully selected premium-quality materials to ensure you look and feel READY TO RACE every time the gate drops.

There is no test more extreme than top-level off-road motorcycle competition – the intensity of motocross, the toughness of extreme enduro or the sheer physicality of cross-country racing. To ensure maximum comfort, exceptional control and unrivaled protection in the most hostile, dirty and brutal race conditions, KTM PowerWear has engineered a phenomenal range of off-road specific race equipment. Whether you are taking on the world’s best riders or the world’s nastiest riding trail, we have you covered.

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