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Brake reservoir protector front – black

Product Code: 26980-002


Fits Models F650 GS 2008 – | F800 GS – 07/2012


The brake fluid reservoir is extremely sensitive and is so unfavourably located that even simple spills can damage it beyond repair. It’s then often necessary to replace the reservoir, which usually means bleeding the braking system.

It’s for this reason that we have developed a protective system that has high inherent stability and,
thanks to the ingenious multiple connections, can also withstand high forces.
3 mm (0.12”)-thick impact-resistant aluminium that transmits shocks to the mounting without being destroyed in the process. We’ve also reduced the reservoir’s annoying tendency to wobble to a minimum using a soft foam insert.
The design integrates the reservoir into the total concept, but is also stripped down to meet the minimum technical requirements (highly effective protection at low weight).

Made in Germany.


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