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ERGO screen – clear

Product Code: 30740-001


Fits F800R – 2014


A sporty contender with wind protection to boot.

You can now ride long stretches without tedious physical tension or unnecessary use of muscle power. At high speed the screen effectively shields the upper body from wind pressure.

The level of comfort is comparable to that on many other pure touring bikes.

The facts:

  • Maximum relief for head, torso and arms.
  • Lower down, where it gives way to the handlebar, significantly widened to provide optimum protection for hands and arms.
  • Higher up, the wide lines provide virtual freedom from turbulence for the head and the torso.
  • The unique method of production permits the use of very complex forms to provide perfect protection from wind.
  • In wet conditions, the avoidance of low-pressure turbulence means minimal water “dancing” on the visor.
  • Highly robust, optically clean and petrol-resistant Lexan plastic.
  • TÜV tested.
  • Simple and quick to fit.


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