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GOBI Case Set Black & Silver Edition

Product Code: 30240-003


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The revolutionary case design from Krauser combines aluminium appearance with the stability of a plastic case.

The facts:

  • Can bear weights of 100 kg.
  • Absolutely waterproof.
  • Will not break the first time it touches the ground.
  • Can absorb impact.
  • The outer and inner side walls are connected to one another in a honeycomb format.
  • The external and internal side walls have a honeycomb structure to link them together and provide storage space for up to 3.5 litres of fluids.
  • The smooth inside surfaces make it possible to transport luggage without inner bag.
  • Extremely robust with metal locks, hinges with metal carrying handle.
  • 90° opening
  • Pannierrs with each 37 litres andTopcase with 42 litres capacity (helmet + luggage).
  • Topcase with integrated metal railing.
  • Made in Germany.

GOBI pannier kit (L 47 x W 25 x H 36 cm)


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