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Two For One.

ENGINE: The engine of the KTM 150 SX was developed to craft class-leading power all across the rev range.  This is the lightest and most compact 150cm3 you’ll find. So prepare for surprisingly fast lap times and baffling rideability. The 150SX shares components with the class-leading 125 SX, the cylinder, head and piston unit can now also be fitted on a 125cm3 engine base converting it to a 150 SX without replacing the crankshaft.

CYLINDER: This compact cylinder with a 58mm bore features a cutting-edge power valve unit with a sophisticated mechanism for the lateral support exhaust ports. Matched to a twin-component cylinder head, it is KTM’s secret to all-round grunt.

CARBURETOR: All new KTM 2-strokes are fitted with new MIKUNI TMX carburetors, replacing the Keihin products. This 38mm flat slide carb provides smooth power up to the limiter. And it’s less sensitive to altitudes and temperatures, so you can pin it wherever,

TRANSMISSION: A robust 6-speed transmission was designed specifically for the small 2-stroke engine, its gear ratios perfectly in sync with the 150’s power band. And an advanced ´No Dirt´ gear lever design prevents muck from blocking the joint. Because even dirt lovers hate mud when it’s in the wrong places.

Buy One, Get One Free …. Nearly.


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