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More Than Just Lightning Fast. 

When it comes to the pinnacle of 2-stroke enduro, look no further than the KTM 300EXC, a motorcycle that is the epitome of perfect balance. Thrilling power meets the ultra-light and “trimmed-to-the-bone” sleek chassis – ensuring that every time you saddle up you’re ready to last your way to the front of the pack.

UNBEATABLE POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO: 4-stroke rivals, beware: this tool might just be the sharpest in the shed. If you want torque by the bucket loads, a top-end to die for and a lightweight chassis ready to rise to any occasion, give this 300cm3 lightning bolt a go.

The 300 EXC is 2.1kgs lighter than before, making the handling of the bike better, as well as having the mass of the bike more centralised, so you can really take full advantage of its strengths. The suspension is plush over the small, sharp bumps, while remaining forgiving and stable over the larger hits on rocky terrain. The ease of changing the clickers for compression and rebound on the trail on the fly is great. The perfect set-up on every part of the trail is now just thatmuch easier.

BODYWORK: KTM R&D, Kiska Design and all our factory riders had their say in shaping the plastics. Their goal: complete harmony between rider and bike. And so it turned out. Perfect ergonomics and contact points, maximum freedom of movement, a low seat height and sweet comfort, especially in the rear part of the seat. The I-beam structures of the front and rear fenders are prime examples of such an intelligent design, guaranteeing maximum stability and a low weight thanks to well thought-out construction and mounting. Plus: they stay cleaner for longer. Or take a look at the headlight fairing. Can you spot the smart solution that makes sure your brake hose never scratches those precious plastics ever again?

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