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The Alpha

The 500 ERXC-F is reserved for the brave. Built for riders with a passion for power and the skills to put it to good use in the world’s most hostile terrain! If you think you have what it takes, hold on tight and launch your riding to new heights.

AIRBOX: The revised airbox design, incorporating new snorkels, offers maximum protection of the air filter against soiling, while ensuring maximum airflow in a quiet way. The new, large Twin Air filter is mounted in a stiff cage, which at the same time holds the system in place. This design is so simple, you could still pop a fresh one in with a face full of mud. Without tools. In seconds.

FUEL TANK: A lightweight polyethylene tank with a capacity of 8.5 liters of juice. You will always be able to see how much fuel there’s left at a glance, thanks to its see-through plastic. By pushing the orange release button in the center of the filler cap, the bayonet mechanism makes refueling a snap.
WHEELS: The KTM wheels feature lightweight, CNC machined hubs and high-end Giant rims guaranteeing maximum stability at minimum weight.

COOLING SYSTEM: KTM’s proven cooling system routes the coolant from the cylinder head through the frame triangle, directly to aluminum radiators made by WP, which have a new filler cap system and are made of a stiffer alloy. Due to flow optimized internal circulation and CFD-calculated air ventilation, the system is superbly efficient. Because of their high power output, the 450 and 500 EXC-F are fitted with a radiator fan, regulated by the ECU.

BATTERY: All EXC-F engines are fitted with an electric starter – a unique KTM feature and a major benefit at all levels of offroad racing. A super compact 495g lithium ion starter battery breathes life into the engine, shaving off an entire kilogram of excess weight while offering three times the starting energy.

Go Wherever You Like. Traction Will Be Waiting.



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