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Not a Single Gram of Fat – Just Muscle.

What isn’t there, doesn’t weigh anything either – the 690 SMC R is designed according to this motto. It arrives at the starting line in peak condition with twin plug ignition, ride-by-wire, new ABS and a revamped chassis. Powerful, sports-oriented, yet still very comfortable – what could make a drifter happier?

The KTM 690 SMC R: the unrivalled Supermoto for the most demanding requirements, which leaves all others in its wake: suitable for racing or everyday use, potent design, state-of-the-art.

The looks and the feel. It’s complete. You and your peers are sure to be impressed. Even strangers will take a glance at it. And will look again.

Whether for racing or everyday use, the KTM 690SMC R stands out. Every detail is for just one purpose: To provide power and make the rider feel it.

It’s also comfortable. You can focus on the motorcycling itself. No worries. No hassles. Just the fun.

The SMC R’s WP upside-down fork, with a whole 215 mm of suspension travel and 48 mm outer tubes.

The extremely powerful Brembo® brakes impress. On the front wheel, a radially-mounted, four-piston, fixed brake calliper bites onto a floating 320 mm brake disc.

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