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REMUS Hexacone with KAT

Product Code: 34840-003


Fits Models K1300R | K1300S


An exceptional silencer with a good combination of sound, power and low weight.

Both end pieces are made of carbon fibre, and the silencer outer cover is available in carbon fibre or titanium.
Sold complete with connecting tube, catalytic converter and full fitting kit.
ABE approved.

The facts:

  • In the part load range the assembly sounds pleasantly muted; at higher revs the sound gets sportier without becoming overwhelming.
  • Strong yet balanced development of power.
  • High reduction in exhaust back pressure.
  • Weight savings of up to 5 kg.
  • Durable construction (inside completely made of stainless steel).
  • Dual-system end silencer (removable silencer insert).
  • With European ABE.
  • Includes connecting pipe with catalytic converter.


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