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S1000R/RR/XR Water Cooler Guard

Product Code: 36081100


Product Description

Water cooler guard. Sturdy and stable.

Finely meshed stainless steel grill with a sturdy anodized aluminum frame construction to protect the oil cooler.

The oil cooler on the S 1000 lies in an extremely vulnerable position. Any stones sent flying into the air by the front wheel can come into immediate contact with the delicate cooler fins. On our first test bike, there was significant damage visible even duribg the breaking-in period.

A visual highlight: Covering the black radiators with our grills will positively transform the appearance of your bike!

The facts:

  • Optimum protection and appearance.
  • Keeps any potential damage away from the cooler.
  • High-strength, meshed VA grill with sturdy holding frame.
  • Anti-vibration mounting points.
  • Strong, high pressure bonding between the grill and frame.
  • Easy to fit.
  • With installation kit.

Additional Information

Product Type


Bike Model

S1000R, S1000RR, S1000XR


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