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Seat guide

Product Code: 25650-000


Fits Models R1200 GS – 2012 | R1200 GS Adv. – 2013


Many GS owners think twice before taking the rider seat off, because they know what’s coming next. We’ve all heard the
poor souls spine-chilling wail born out of sheer frustration while trying to re-fit the seat again and again. The dreadful seat
locking mechanism drove us, too, to the brink of clinical insanity – we simply had to do something about it! Luckily for all GS rids DOCTOR Wunderlich came up with the effective cure:
Simply attach the metal guides to the bike and the seat slides into position and locks almost on its own!

Models up to 2007 have often already lost the insufficiently secured original small plastic guide, which made attaching the seat even worse. For these cases we have included a strong replacement guide that’s bolted to
the main body and closes the gap. Once the sliders are fitted they stay permanently attached to the bike and
make sure that taking the seat off and refitting it is an easy and stress-free task.
Note: Suitable for all Wunderlich ERGO and original

For Wunderlich seats.
For BMW seats in high position, but not for original BMW LOW (820 mm) seat


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