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Slipper clutch kit IMPACT

Product Code: 39650-000


Fits Models: K1200 GT 2006 – | K1200 R | K1200 R Sport | K1200 S | K1200 GT


slipper clutch prevents the rear wheel from blocking, hopping, chattering or losing traction when shifting down/decelerating. But importantly, it does retain most of the engine braking. Regardless if riding on road or track, the rider gains confidence when entering and braking into curves. The bike remains stable under braking and the rider can choose the best lines through curves. On the track this confidence and smoother riding translates directly into faster lap times. The slipper clutch (back torque limiter) is the first choice for any road or racing rider who, in search for perfection and safety, is prepared to go further than the conventional rider. The world famous Das Motorradmotorcycle magazine (edition11/06) extensively tested the clutch, and came to the following conclusion: …the mb2c (clutch) equipped BMW kept the rear much steadier than the standard… and …gives a clear gain in safety on road and race track… The clutch parts are made of high quality aluminum alloy and steel, fitting the clutch to the bike is straight forward. The original outer basket, friction plates and springs are retained.

Important note: The clutch is suitable only for models manufactured after the 22nd calendar week of 2005!


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