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Valve cover & cyl protection set – black

Product Code: 35610-002


R 1200 GS 2010 – 2012

R 1200 GS Adv 2010 – 2013

R 1200 R 2011 – 2014

R nineT | Pure | Racer | Scrambler | Urban GS


The life insurance for the extremely damage-prone Boxer valve covers! We prefer to avoid damage in the first place, therefore we developed the best possible protectionfor the cover and the sensitive bolt threads in the cylinder.

The facts:

  • Protection from impacts, falls and slides.
  • No more grinding of holes in cover.
  • Protects the cylinder head cover from moving and destroying the cylinder bolt threads (cover attachment to head is floating , without protection it could move at impact).
  • Protection for the front attachment bolt.
  • Optimal spreading of the load via positive-engaged rubber bumpers between protector and valve cover (3M bumpers).
  • No bolts etc. at the front impact area.
  • More than 4 mm (5/32″) thick replaceable slide pad.
  • Three major double strength attachment points at the key mounting points.
  • Hard anodised aircraft-spec aluminium alloy.
  • Spark plugs, etc. can still be easily reached.
  • Made in Germany.

This is a sound investment as the original plastic protector can disintegrate even if the bike tips over harmlessly,
or can simply fold away if the bike slides.

Complete set with installation kit.


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