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Venture Shield paint protection case protection film – clear

Product Code: 33161-000


Fits R1200 R LC | R1200 RS LC | R1250 R | R1250 RS | S1000 XR up to 2019


An indestructible, flexible adhesive foil which was originally developed for the airplane industry to protect (against falling rocks) against propellers and rotor blades. Naturally, a first choice for the value preservation of your BMW is protection against sonic speed.

The facts:

  •  4-piece set.
  •  Invisible protective foil that protects against aggravating and value-hindering scratches and wear to the paint.
  •  Intercepts the majority of stones thrown up.
  •  Absolutely UV-resistant.
  •  UV-penetrable (!). I.e.: Paints change colour during the course of the year due to solar radiation. That’s why this material has the outstanding feature of making sure that these variations can’t occur, even if you want to remove the foil at any point.
  •  Contour-perfect fit.
  •  Extremely adhesive but still easy to remove.
  •  Quickly pays off (value retention).
  •  Vehicle can be cleaned and jet washed.
  •  5 year warranty.
  •  Simple to apply.

Included in the set spray can, a squeegee and assembly instructions. With appropriate assembly we grant a 5-year warranty against discolouration, folding, and shrinking.


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