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Wunderlich benches »ACTIVE COMFORT« -25mm – low – black

Product Code: 25621-012


Fits F750 GS | F850 GS | F850 GS Adv


The base shell made of high-strength RoburC has been developed according to its own mold design. In addition to high-quality materials and professional processing ergonomic factors are in focus. Likewise, the progressive two-layer structure of the foam, with a soft upper layer and a taut core. This ensures an even force distribution and relief of the coccyx. The integrated wind tunnel on the seat ensures pleasant ventilation when driving. A grippy cover material also increases comfort. Also for the passenger, there is an improved contour for better grip. The deep version is ideal for drivers who want a secure stand.

The Facts: 


  • Progressive two-layer construction with a soft upper layer and a taut core ensures uniform distribution of forces
  • Distinctive groove (depression in the center of the seat)
  • Relief of the coccyx and optimized weight distribution on the entire buttocks
  • Improved front passenger contour for better grip
  • Uncompromising long-distance fitness
  • Sweat-resistant, non-slip cover material, combined with Alcantara tucks


  • High-strength RoburC base shell from our own mold making
  • Elegant, contrasting cut seams
  • Bonded and taped seams for 100% tightness on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines


  • Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris)
  • Made in Germany


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