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Product Description

ZERO DS Dual Sport

ByPass The Ordinary

Up to 288 klm city range 54 hp ][40 kw] 92 Nm

The Zero DS is the world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. Designed to be agile in the dirt and quick on the street, it represents a new kind of freedom.

Blast down a gravel road, or dusty trail. Stealthily pass from the wild to the civilized. It’s tough yet distinguished when required. Choose from the Power Tank or Charge Tank accessories to extend your range or take advantage of three times faster charging.

Propelled by the most advanced technology, the Zero DS is a fully electric motorcycle that can handle any surface. Overcoming obstacles and maintaining control is effortless due to its direct-drive powertrain and fully adjustable suspension.

Zero’s revolutionary Z-Force® motor delivers astonishing responsiveness with the twist of your wrist. The Zero DS offers a liberating experience with its maintenance-free powertrain, cents-per-klms “fuel” cost and powerful acceleration.

Just Ride It. Plug It In Overnight. Ride It Again. It’s That Easy.


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