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Product Description


Stealth Fighter

Thrilling Acceleration with 70 ft-lb of Torque

44hp [33kw] 95 Nm. Weighs less than 140 kg

You’ve never experienced power like this. All those things you wished you could get away with … are possible. Just in case hit the eco-switch…or don’t. ZERO FX is different.

Delivering a nearly instantaneous 70 ft-lb of torque and weighing less than 140 kg, the Zero FX takes any type of riding to bold new levels. Stealthily ride at any hour of the day or night, on any terrain that crosses your path. The Zero FX features the most advanced Z-Force® technology yet. Whether in dirt or flat-tracks, you can readily see and feel the performance.

Lightweight but still provides power that other motorcycles can’t provide. The design also stands out with elegance. Add the agility and other people will be impressed whenever you take it out on the road with you.

Equipped with a maintenance-free powertrain, belt drive and fully modular power pack system, each kilometer ridden costs only cents in electricity.

Power, acceleration, and efficiency. On the road you will feel them. Other people will see it.

Just Ride It. Plug It In Overnight. Ride It Again. It’s That Easy.



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