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The 2019 BMW F850 GS. It’s a Mini 1200GS with All New Everything!

After 10 years, BMW’s F800 GS gets a major update. It’s now an 850 and the old middleweight off-roader has been turned into a “Mini 1200 GS.”

NEW MOTOR: The F850GS kicks out 93.7bhp with 67.9ftlb of torque.
NEW GEARBOX: First 3 ratios lower for instant drive in town and off-road. Top three increased in length for more economical and relaxed road ride.
NEW CLUTCH: New Slip and Assist clutch makes the action lighter.
NEW ELECTRONICS: ABS, Traction Control and ESA are all linked.
NEW FORKS and WHEELS: 43mm inverted forks with a 21-inch front wheel.
NEW FRAME: Fuel tank moves from under the seat to in front of the rider.
NEW DRIVE: Chain drive moves to the left-hand side and the exhaust to the right.
NEW OPTIONAL TFT SCREEN AND CONNECTIVITY FEATURES: same as the new R1250 GS. Connect with the dash via Bluetooth. Make calls and listen to music (you need a helmet with a communication system), plus connect to a BMW app on your phone to provide integrated navigation controlled by the excellent handlebar mounted BMW control wheel.

The new BMW 850GS is more refined, more responsive, more powerful and more controllable. It handles better on and off the road and it’s ready for you to enjoy.