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    Andy - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    This Kawasaki 2024 ZX-6R 40th Anniversary model is a very limited edition motorcycle. Andy ordered his early from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, after he saw the launch of the 40th online. That was six months ago. We couldn’t even tell him how much it was going to cost. He didn’t care. He just wanted one. So you can imagine how pleased Andy was to get the call to say come and get your bike. The Championship-Winning ZX-R, inspired three-coloured livery, looks amazing. The lime green, pearl crystal white and blue colours conjure up a desire to push all the boundaries and smash the Supersport competition, just like these bikes did back in the day. Fortunately for Andy, this new recreation has been optimised for the street and with its sport riding credentials comes a practicality for everyday riding. Including some modern features like the 4.3” TFT colour instrumentation with Smartphone connectivity. Congratulations Andy. This motorcycle is really something special and we don’t think we can get another one. For love nor money.

    Andy 2024-06-18

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    Brodie - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Brodie is new to riding on the road and was really keen to get mobile as soon as possible. He came to see us at Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby, within two hours of getting his L’s. Brodie had already decided on the all-new model Kawasaki Ninja 500. We prepped the bike for him and he rode away, same day. The new Kawasaki Ninja 500 was only released to the Australian market a week ago. This model replaces the Ninja 400 – Australia’s most popular-selling motorcycle. And Kawasaki has stuck to the winning formula with the new middleweight 500. There is an obvious increase in capacity to 451cc, now housed in a lightweight trellis frame, with Uni Trak rear suspension and a familiar relaxed riding position to fit a variety of riders. Thanks to Kawasaki’s legendary ERGO-Fit ergonomics. Brodie also gets LED headlights and tail light and all-new high-contrast full LCD instrumentation and smartphone connectivity.

    Brodie 2024-03-14

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    Andrew - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Andrew was looking for an entry-level, dual-purpose motorcycle, with a few provisos .. the bike had to be reliable and strong, even though it was only a small capacity off-roader. At Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we showed Andrew the Kawasaki KLX230 S which comes in two colours. He immediately grabbed the grey version. This agile bike features a quick-revving 233 cc engine, lightweight chassis, long-travel suspension, and styling updates including a new front fender and LED headlight. Fuel injection provides easy starting and crisp throttle response. The result is a consistent ride on paved streets, dirt trails and where ever fun is to be found.

    Andrew 2024-03-07

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    Brandt - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Brandt came in to see us at Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby, looking to get into adventure riding, after spending some time on a KTM road bike. But Brandt was very particular. Forget all the bells and whistles, he wanted to make sure that he got a bike that was good value for his money. As well as being totally reliable, be able to handle the odd off-road spill and be comfortable and competent on-road. He liked the idea of the KLR650 Adventure, reliable, robust and already optioned up with the sorts of things that an adventure rider needs. The KLR650 motorcycle is built with escape in mind. It has a dual-purpose capability and a reputation for enduring reliability, so all Brandt has to concentrate on is the adventure at hand. For decades, the legendary Kawasaki KLR 650 platform has inspired countless stories from rough terrain all over the world, and Brandt’s new KLR Adventure is about to make a lot more memories.

    Brandt 2024-03-06

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    Ben - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Ben has owned a Kawasaki H2 previously and could wait to pick up his new one, from Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby, after we fitted it with a Vandemon exhaust. Ben’s newer model Supercharged H2 is fitted with Kawasaki’s most advanced electronics package to date. With Bosch’s five-axis IMU and the latest software evolution, Kawasaki’s next-generation ECU moves into live-data-driven, active systems capable of building a real-time data map of what the bike is doing. In addition to intelligent ABS, the H2 comes equipped with launch control, intelligent traction control, and a cornering management function that suppresses the bike’s tendency to stand up while braking mid-corner. The system processes live IMU data to calculate and maintain optimum hydraulic brake pressure based on the bike’s lean and pitch angles.

    Ben 2023-11-25

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    Anthony - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Anthony was looking for a motorcycle that was a lot more comfortable on longer trips. He sat on a few of the bikes at Procycles Kawasaki Sydney and then he saw the new ’24 model Kawasaki Z900 RS, in its brilliant new Blue/Black colour scheme. This truly iconic retro-looking has real cred on the street. And whist it may be a retro classic, under the skin the Z900 RS is crammed with Kawasaki technology. Features like Traction Control, Slipper Clutch, LED lights, Horizontal Back-Link suspension and Kawasaki’s Ergo-Fit, so that Anthony can dial his riding position and ensure everything is comfortably within reach. Anthony likes his motorcycles to have a ‘beefy’ sound, so we saved some weight, made the power more efficient and gave the bike a real bark by fitting an Italian SC-Project exhaust, hooked up to Akrapovic titanium headers. And it sounds amazing. Procycles are the biggest stockist of SC-Project mufflers in Australia and we have a product specialist on staff. If you have any queries or would like to know what difference an SC-Project Muffler will make to your ride, ring Adrian on (02) 9564 8010 or take a look at the range in our webshop – procycles.com.au

    Anthony 2023-11-17

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    Antonio - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Antonio was lucky enough to score the first ’24 model Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. With his new bike Antonio gets the best of two worlds. This remarkably versatile motorcycle has all the track day performance coupled with a supreme capability for two-up touring, supported by superior power, advanced rider support electronics, and a variety of intuitive features which contribute to the overall rideability and comfort. A force to be reckoned with on the track or for weekend trips. The Ninja 1000SX seamlessly blends the best of sport touring and superbike technology to deliver an exhilarating ride. The powerful inline four-cylinder engine delivers major top-end power and strong mid-range performance. The power delivery is responsive and comes with an intoxicating intake howl. The Ninja 1000SX is intelligent and responsive, equipped with a Supersport-grade, multi-sensing ABS brake assistance system. Plus, an electric cruise control system activated by a simple press of a button.

    Antonio 2023-10-11

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    Braydon - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Braydon has scored himself a new Kawasaki Ninja 650L, a solid bang-for-the-buck choice that shows he knows. The Ninja 650 motorcycle comes packed with a sporty 649 cc engine, next-level technology advancements and sharp styling. The unmistakable sport performance is met with an upright riding position to keep Braydon’s daily commutes comfortable and safe, without losing that level of excitement that keeps us coming back for more. The Ninja 650 puts out 37.8 kW @ 8,000 rpm, with 57.0 Nm of torque @ 4,800 rpm. The high-tensile steel trellis frame makes the bike light, manageable and easy to ride. The Ninja 650L is hard to beat for commuting, fun longer rides and weekend blasts with your mates. At Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we might be Kawasaki’s newest dealer, but we have been here for fifty years. Come in and let us show you a very different Kawasaki buying experience.

    Braydon 2023-10-07

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    Michael - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Michael truly gets the best of both worlds with his new ’23 model Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX. It has the Ninja spirit craved by solo sportbike riders, but takes the concept further with real sport touring versatility … to share with a fellow traveller. The Ninja 1000SX now has increased seat comfort for both rider and passenger. The optimised seats are not the only attraction for longer touring adventures. The Ninja 1000SX has the tech for the ride. From traction control to cruise control, rider aid electronics, a slipper-style clutch, all LED lighting … real-world advanced sportbike technology. Then there’s the Superbike performance. A 1,043 cc engine producing 140 horsepower and 81.7 pound-feet of torque. At Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we love selling these Kawasaki motorcycles … because they never come back! Except for the scheduled services of course.

    Michael 2023-09-19

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    Kelvin - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Kelvin hails from the far North Coast and he likes nothing better than to hit the open road and get some fresh air, on a big bore sports touring bike. Kelvin clocked up heaps of klms on his 1290 SuperDuke GT, but when he saw the new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX, he knew it was time for an update. Kelvin checked his local dealers and they either couldn’t source him a bike, or didn’t want to know about his trade. He should have come to Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby in the first instance. We had his new H2 SX in stock and we were happy to trade his SuperDuke. Procycles might be Sydney’s newest Kawasaki dealer, but we have riding and selling bikes for 50 years, so we know a thing or two about what real motorcyclists want. Kelvin rode down to see us and left with his new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX, heading home via Moree and then to the Gold Coast, just to run it in! Enjoy the new bike Kelvin, we’re all very jealous! If you live and want a Kawasaki Northside, ring us at Procycles on [02] 9910 9523. On the Southside try Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. We make Kawasaki dreams come true.

    Kelvin 2023-08-30

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    Chris - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    A late post for Chris who picked up his 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R on Valentine’s Day this year and what a way to show his love for Kawasaki’s screaming litre in-line 4 engine, after owning and trading a 2017 ZX10R model on the latest generation. Now he has a new TFT display, Electronic cruise control, Launch control modes, Cornering management function, Smartphone connectivity, a redesigned front end to reduced drag, keeping that aggressive appeal the ZX10R is renowned for, along with a bump in horsepower to take his riding to the next level. Well done Chris. Congratulations from the team at Procycles Kawasaki Sydney.

    Chris 2023-08-02

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    Juan - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    This is Juan on his Kawasaki Z400, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. The spritely Z400 is a stunningly designed motorcycle that delivers 44 hp from a 399cc parallel twin engine and has a capable chassis, same as the Ninja 400. The Z, however, provides a more upright riding position and streetfighter styling. Beginners or riders with shorter inseams will appreciate the Z’s narrow seat and its relatively low 30.9-inch height, which makes for an easy step down when at the lights. An assist and slipper clutch helps limit left hand fatigue when navigating through the six-speed transmission. The brakes are superb. Dual-piston calipers grip onto petal discs (310mm and 220mm, front/rear) with standard ABS ready for sudden stops. Juan is going to have so much fun on this bike. Thanks for choosing Procycles. We might be Kawasaki’s newest Sydney dealer, but we have been here for nearly 50 years. And we are looking forward to showing you a whole new Kawasaki buying experience. Be like Juan and give us a try.

    Juan 2023-08-01

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    Waqar - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Lucky Waqar has collected this gorgeous 2023 Special Edition White Ninja 400 ABS, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. The Ninja 400 offers the largest displacement in its category with its sophisticated 399cc twin-cylinder engine, delivering useable power, superb ergonomics and class-leading performance. A low seat height and aggressive styling with LED headlights make the Ninja 400 the ideal choice for riders looking to enter the sport-riding scene. Waqar gets a smooth, manageable ride that's ideal for new riders, with all the features, power and handling to more than satisfy more experienced riders. Waqar is sure to turn a few heads when they see how good this bike looks in all pearl white. Enjoy it mate. It’s a beautiful motorcycle.

    Waqar 2023-07-01

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