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What It Feels Like to Ride a BMW Motorcycle?

What it feels like to ride a BMW motorcycle? Is it any different compared to riding let’s say a Suzuki or a Triumph? What’s the difference? Is it worth it to spend extra to get a premium BMW motorcycle?

Let’s get straight to the point. The actual feeling or comfort is not different at all. It’s just a difference in perception. If you’ve already convinced yourself that a BMW is above everything else, your riding experience will just reinforce that belief you’ve long had.

Made in Germany

Many customers and riders hold German-made products in high regard. Why? That’s because we perceive those products as with the highest level of efficiency and quality. BMW automobiles and motorcycles are made in Germany. That’s why we also regard them as with the highest quality.

Beginners and experienced riders make their BMW motorcycles as a source of pride. Look at the BMW R Nine T. Even from a bit far there’s no mistaking it. It’s 100% BMW. Imagine the feeling riding and parking it as fellow riders stare at you. There’s no doubt they’ll recognise your motorcycle brand even from a mile away (that’s an exaggeration).

Authenticity and rich design define motorcycles from BMW. These attributes also transfer to the experience riders have whenever they use their premium bike. It’s similar to wearing professional clothes wherein the person also feels professional. His outfit directly affects his mindset and attitude. That’s also the case with riding a BMW motorbike. The perception makes the rider feel at the top of his class.

BMW vs Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is an American brand. In addition, it tends to appeal with middle-aged men (but many customers in other demographic groups also buy a Harley). That’s because it somehow “solves” the midlife crisis.

Also, owning a Harley bike is like belonging to an exclusive group. There’s a sense of belonging. You can really feel that whenever you’re riding with a group (everyone in the group rides a Harley). It’s a guaranteed attention-getter which some riders really like.

For weekend touring, especially with a group, a Harley might be best for the occasion. BMW motorcycles also look great. They both show power, design and timelessness. Both young adults and middle-aged men might prefer both and use them on alternates. But if they have to choose one, it boils down to preferences and possibly the group they’re trying to blend in.

What it feels like to ride a BMW motorcycle

Here at Procycles Australia, we have showrooms at Hornsby and St Peters. Our expert staff can help you choose a BMW motorcycle appropriate for your lifestyle and preference. We also sell used bikes (including BMWs) and each one undergoes a 40-point inspection before it’s offered for sale.

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