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Made For The City The BMW Definition CE 04 Is Seamlessly Integrated Into Your Life.

Quickly get from A to B. With the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, we are maximising mobility and pleasure. Electric, emission-free and always networked.

Function Meets Design
With the Definition CE 04 every ride is a pleasure. The seat will float and can be individually adjusted by pushing it back and forth – even tall drivers can sit comfortably. There is plenty of room for a bag or helmet in the storage compartment. The bike boasts a metallic mineral white paint finish, grain parts in matt black, tapes with orange-red colour gradient and aluminium wheels in disc-wheel look.

Digital And Analogue World Seamlessly Connected
In the city, you’re mobile and networked – this is how your journey from A to B should be too. The rider is connected to their surroundings with their smartphone via the Definition CE 04. The clear display becomes the interface between digital and analogue life – showing all important information. The Definition CE 04 knows your destination, navigates the perfect route, while your favourite playlist is playing in the background. Connected at all times: intelligent, integrated and completely intuitive.

Highly Functional – And Stylish
The rider’s equipment is also functional, safe and good looking: Light guides on the parka provide extra visibility. The casually cut parka has non-visible protectors to keep you safe without attracting attention, while the robust and breathable high-tech material keeps you warm and dry in all weathers. Lights in the sleeves and hood significantly increase visibility on the road. You can switch them on or change their colour using sensors on the sleeve. And thanks to the inductive charging function in the pocket, the smartphone always has enough power too.

When Is the BMW CE04 Arriving in Australia?
Procycles BMW stores in Hornsby and St Peters will begin receiving stock of the BMW CE04 first quarter 2022. If you want one from the first shipment, come in and talk to us now. Deposited orders will get the first bikes.