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Are Motorcycle Accessories More than Just Upselling?

Although there is an element of upselling in the add-ons and upgrades available from the Procycles Shop, there is more to it than that. Selling motorcycle accessories helps cover our overheads so we can keep our new and used motorbike prices lower. However, the main advantage is it lets our customers and their Suzuki, KTM, Triumph, BMW ans Wunderlich motorcycles express their personalities in unique ways.

Lifestyle Motorcycle Accessories for Safety Conscious Riders

Almost all our motorcycle accessories are safety-related in some or other way. We choose to represent BMW, Suzuki, KTM, and Triumph brands because their designs are inherently reliable. Sometimes we recommend a few lifestyle tweaks depending on the personality of the rider.

The motorcycle gear you wear depends on whether you are gliding through the Sydney Waterfront, or tackling the extreme terrain of the MX Nationals at Appin. Those are just two examples. Outdoor motorcycling fun is open-ended.

We have a phenomenal range of rider suits, boots, gloves and other protective equipment, including power wear for off-roaders of all ages. We protect your radiator and cooler guards with mesh screens. We have every motorcycle accessory your bike needs to look its very best and stand out in the crowd.

Backpackers and Luggage Gear for the Open Road

When you are ready to hit the long road and discover the exhilaration of cruising all day, you want your kit packed tidily so you can easily find what you want. This is more than just a safety issue. You need to enjoy your ride and be comfortable. The allure of the open road can be irresistible and you may want to just keep on going.

We do not just want to sell you a motorcycle.  We want to be with you everywhere you go on your Procycles KTM, Triumph, BMW, or Suzuki machine. We have all the gear you need from ergonomic and comfort motorcycle accessories to high performance wheels, tyres and signature exhausts.

Motorcycle Accessories are Definitely More than Just Upselling

Modern motorbikes come off a production line where economies of scale mean every bike from the same model is identical. Most of us ride bikes because we want to be different, and stand out from the crowd. It just makes sense to give our bikes (and ourselves) little tweaks here and there. This is the purpose of motorcycle accessories and why we provide them to our customers.