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Which of Our Motorcycles for Sale is Best for the Open Road?

There are three ways to travel along Australia’s highways and byways in and out of Sydney, and beyond. We can surrender our independence and catch a bus. We can drive a car, and put up with slow moving trucks and gridlocks. The best, in fact the only way to travel in real style is on a motorcycle on the open road where nothing holds you up.

Motorbike Dynamics and Secrets of Our Motorcycles for Sale

While a car has four wheels competing with each other, a motorbike has two in line in perfect harmony. Riding a motorcycle when you know what you are doing is akin to surfing and skiing. Book a test ride with us and experience it.

Once past walking speed, motorcycle wheels work like gyroscopes promoting stability and helping maintain direction. A motorcycle moves to the left when we push down the left handlebar. Once we understand this principle, we are almost like birds flowing through the air. We also need to stay on the road, and this is where brakes and tyres come in. Let’s apply this riding theory to a few of our motorcycles for sale.

Four Superbly Flowing Road Bikes

  1. Our Suzuki GSX1250FA has a neatly integrated look that is bound the impress. The 1255cc powerhouse delivers robust torque to redline. It is arguably one of the ultimate ‘go anywhere’ Suzuki motorcycles, because it comes with integrated luggage reducing the cost of aftermarket motorcycle accessories. Unobtrusive foot pegs means you can lay this baby down in the bends and come seamlessly out of corners. Book a test ride now
  1. The BMW R 1200 RT is a class act to follow, with 1170cc of perfectly balanced air / water-cooled boxer engine. This combines with the gyroscope effect to provide one of the most satisfactory rides among our BMW motorcycles. The electronic suspension system comes with rain and road options as standard. This is a safe, solid exhilarating machine.  Book a test ride now
  2. Triumph Motorcycles Triumph America is in a class of its own among our motorcycles for sale, with a rich cruiser heritage. The 865cc trad twin vertical motor puts out more than adequate power for the rider who wants to revel in motorcycling on a long, open road. This is one classy machine in authentic Bonneville theme. It looks the part and it sounds right. Book a test ride now

Would you like more impartial advice about the other Suzuki, BMW, KTM, and Triumph motorcycles for sale in our north and south side Sydney showrooms? Call us now. We make it happen.