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Pay Attention to These 3 Things to Keep Motorcycle Tyres Running Smoothly

The thrill of owing a motorcycle cannot be matched; suddenly, a simple ride becomes an adventure, and the destination doesn’t matter as much because the mode of travel is so exhilarating. Taking a spin on a great motorcycle in Hornsby can serve as a way to enjoy the outdoors and relieve a little stress at the same time.

While a bike is a great investment and worth every penny for its owner, it also needs regular attention to maintenance issues and upkeep of the transmission system, brakes, oil and filter, and the tyres. With a few easy steps, a motorcycle can stay looking good and running smoothly for a long time to come. Quality maintenance can be secured through service locations that specialise in sales and repairs of bikes in Hornsby.

Motorcycle tyres are expensive and if you don’t look after them the tyres can wear out a lot faster than they should. To get maximum wear from your new tyres here are three things to pay attention to when it comes to tyre maintenance.

Pressure Levels

Tyres are an important part of bike safety, and pressure levels should be checked before each ride. It is best to do the check when the tires are cold and inflate them to the proper pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. A high quality air pressure gauge is must in every motorcyclist’s kit. If you are not sure what to buy, ask the experts. Procycles Hornsby has the best names in quality bike maintenance items!

Mileage on Treads

Over time, tyre treads can become worn and replacement will be necessary. Tyre tread should be checked regularly, as waiting until the wear-bar indicators are showing may be too late. This can be caused by road conditions and aggressive riding, and a service centre specialising in bike tyres at St. Peters can help recognise the issue and offer a convenient fix.

Cleanliness of Surfaces

This last step may not be necessary, but it can serve to spruce up the look of the bike. This can easily as washing the tyre walls with soap and water and does not require harsh chemicals. Bike owners should always remember to follow manufacturer’s instructions regarding tyre care and cleaning.

A team of experienced and qualified specialists at Procycles are waiting to serve bike owners and those who love to ride a motorcycle. The Hornsby location is ready with expert service for bikes, and St. Peters also has a service centre equipped with everything motorcycle enthusiasts need to keep things running smoothly.