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Second Hand Motorbikes & What to Look For

Second hand motorbikes are something to consider carefully, especially if they offer a fair saving for almost new condition. It is best to avoid used motorbikes at the far end of the scale that show signs of hammering, dropping or worse. Stay away from any pre-owned motorbike for sale that is dripping oil, has nut and bolt heads with damaged faces, or bent foot pegs.

These could be warnings signs the seller was not looking after the machine. Also remember, stickers can cover damaged motorcycle parts.

Important Things When Shopping for Second Hand Motorbikes.

  1. Do not overlook the obvious question of why you are shopping in the first place. If you want to commute to work, you want something compact. A tourer is magnificent for the open road, but hardly a motorcycle to thread through traffic carefully. There are great 250cc – 650cc models made especially for city riders.
  1. Be careful when shopping for used motorbike sales on eBay and other ecommerce sites. Never buy a preowned motorcycle without riding it. Be careful of a seller who wants to bring the bike to you. You should know where to find them if there is a problem, so set your search string to sellers in your hometown. If the advertisement uses stock photos, ask for pictures of the actual bike with close-ups.
  1. Decide the level of warranties and after-sale service you need. If your idea of fun is spending weekends sorting out some else’s mess, then by all means buy a used motorbike for sale direct. Buying a used motorcycle from someone whom you know and trust has the makings of a better deal. Expect to pay a little more when buying used BMW, KTM, Triumph, or KTM motorcycles from a dealer. A good one offers you protection and helps with finance.
  1. Satisfy yourself the motorbike for sale is legitimate you are considering buying The state or territory licensing authority can help you find out who the owner is, and whether there is money owing on it. Ask the seller to send you a photo of the mileage on the clock. Does this make sense in terms of the motorbike year and model?
  1. If all checks out, arrange to inspect and test the machine. First up, do the engine and frame numbers on the papers match up. If they do, perform a thorough visual inspection. Are the tank and bodywork in good condition? Is the engine something you would be proud to show your friends. If the indicators, lights and horn work, take the second hand motor cycle for a test ride. Second hand motorbikes should feel right before you buy!

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