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Buy a Motorcycle Cover Sydney: Here’s What You Should Do

Planning to buy a motorcycle cover? As trivial as it seems, this simple item may actually be the best thing you can do to protect the surfaces and finishes on your motorcycle.

That’s why in this short guide, we’ll discuss the specific things you should look for. We’ll also share some of our insights on how experienced riders choose a cover for their bike. Let’s get started.

1. Think about long term

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend warrior, the cover might be your bike’s most regular companion. Even if you’re an avid rider, there will still be times that you’ll need to put your bike to rest for a while.

During those downtimes, the cover should provide the best protection to your precious bike. The cover should be resistant to cold and heat so you won’t have to worry about summer or winter. The fabric should also be somewhat breathable to discourage microbial growth.

2. Protection from scratches and impacts

Even when your motorcycle’s just sitting on the corner, contact with other objects is still possible. Perhaps that’s the reason you’re buying a cover in the first place (to protect your bike from other objects).

Good news is, many covers now are made from strong and dense fabric. This offers good protection against physical contact from other objects. Even when you [or the family] are moving around the bike you won’t be worried much because of the cover.

3. Firm positioning

A cover is only as good as its firmness. The positioning should be stable so as to prevent the motorcycle from being exposed to the elements. If the position’s unstable, the cover will lose its sole purpose.

That’s why elastic cords are very helpful to this. This will give the cover a firm attachment to the bike. This way, your bike will be fully covered all day. Even when it’s windy or someone accidentally hit the fabric, the cover will still be in place.

Buy a motorcycle cover Sydney

It’s just a cover, so why bother? That’s because it protects your precious motorcycle. The cover should be of high quality if you want the best protection.

Here at Procycles, we have an excellent bike cover which offers great protection against heat, cold, dust, water and other elements. Contact us today if you need more information.