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Unisex fit

Side pockets with zipper

Exclusively for KTM by Alpinestars

66 % polyester / 34 % cotton

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Real Riders, Real Stories

  • Verified Buyer
    Alexandre - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Alexandre is a cool guy who has been interested in a KTM 790 Adventure R for quite a while. When he saw that Procycles KTM Sydney, had this ’22 model at an amazing run-out price, he decided it was time for an upgrade. Alexandre wanted to get a lot more serious about his off-road riding, but it’s always a compromise when you also have to commute. That’s why the KTM 790 Adventure R is just perfect for him. Developed from KTM's offroad race DNA, the KTM 790 Adventure R is a real-world, travel capable, offroad motorcycle, equipped for the most extreme escapes. Pumping out 95 hp (70 kW) and only weighing 189 kg, combined with a full electronics package, WP Apex suspension, 21- and 18-inch wheels and with an estimated 450 klm fuel range, it is the perfect enduro bike … that Alexandre can ride to work.


  • Verified Buyer
    Charlie - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Charlie lives in Victoria and for the last 15 years has been riding around the State Forests on an early model KTM 300. Then after riding a friend’s late model EXC, Charlie realised what he was missing out on. So he started ringing around and only Procycles KTM Sydney could supply him with a brand new 300 EXC TPI. And Charlie was particularly pleased when our KTM master technician offered to deliver it. We pulled into his driveway and Charlie was waiting for us, helmet in hand. As soon as the handover formalities were completed, Charlie was off, leaving us to pack up and find our own way out. Charlie was last seen heading for the Victorian countryside. On his new, legendary 300 EXC, Charlie won’t believe how this bullet-proof 2-stroke engine churns out so much low-down torque, without any of the usual two-stroke tuning issues. The bike has a brilliant electronics system that adjusts for the ambient temperature, riding conditions and elevation


  • Verified Buyer
    Callan - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Callan picking up this slick looking KTM 790 Duke. It was one of our trades at Procycles KTM Sydney and it was in really good condition. This bike is a real world street-fighter. It delivers 103 hp at 9,000 rpm and 64 lb.-ft. of torque at 8,000 rpm. But it’s the 790’s electronic rider aids that set the motorcycle apart in the middleweight category. It comes standard with three ride modes preset for throttle response, traction control, and cornering ABS. Callan can see it all happening on the big TFT screen and LED lighting is standard. The WP Apex suspension is ahead of the curve and the brakes are amazing with dual front 300mm brake discs, paired to radially mounted four-piston calipers.


  • Verified Buyer
    Craig - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Craig is very serious about his Adventure Touring. Lots of so-called road/trail bikes ride really well on the road, but in the dirt they just don’t cut it. Craig knows this and really went into all his options, looking for a decent middleweight that would not only get there comfortably but perform like a fully-fledged enduro bike when he turned into the bush. Craig chose the 2023 model KTM 890 Adventure, from Procycles KTM Sydney. Using their Ready To Race philosophy, KTM built this 890 to do the job. KTM enhance the overall experience by giving Craig more control in different riding scenarios. Specially engineered riding modes, traction control and Off-Road ABS which is automatically toggled when you’ve selected Offroad or Rally mode. And KTM completely reworked the 2023 model with adjustable suspension, improved seat comfort, and wind protection.


  • Verified Buyer
    Mitchell - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Mitchell looks like a pretty fit guy. Not only fit, but smart. He took advantage of the special promotional price on a new ’22 model KTM 450 SX-F, from Procycles KTM Sydney. You don’t have to be strong to ride this big motocrosser. It’s the lightest 450 MX bike available. Despite the 450 SX-F engine delivering heaps of grunt, it has one of the best balanced powerbands on the market. Easily enough power to keep Mitchell excited and at the same time being totally under control. It has a smooth roll-on in the low rpm that builds steadily to the rev limiter. With an on-the-fly EFI map switch, it’s easy to make noticeable changes to the power delivery throughout the day. Add in a traction control feature and Mitchell can further adapt the engine’s power delivery for changing conditions. The WP Xact air fork and WP Xact shock suspension components, are also adjustable.


  • Verified Buyer
    Beau - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Before Beau said yes to his new ’24 KTM 350 EXC-F 6 Day Argentina, he really considered all the options. Other brands. Other models. But in the end nothing came close to the limited edition ’24 model 350 EXC-F. KTM built this motorcycle to win the International Six Day, the world’s oldest and some say toughest enduro. KTM won the event outright last year, when Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's Josep Garcia claimed overall individual victory in the French 96th edition of the FIM event. And the good news for Beau is, his Argentinian version is so much better than last year’s French bike, with a whole raft of factory updates too numerous to detail here. Congratulations Beau. He was lucky enough to take delivery of the first Argentinia 350 EXC-F 6 Day from Procycles KTM Sydney.


  • Verified Buyer
    Hao Chen - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Let’s welcome Hao Chen and his new KTM 200 Duke. Powered by a powerful single-cylinder engine, the 200 Duke delivers real-world acceleration, but also everyday rideability. Boasting 19 kW (26 hp) this pocket rocket comes with a lot more than Hao Chen paid for. He gets a whole package of hi-quality components that are amazing for a bike in this class. The KTM 200 Duke comes with ultra-lightweight, high-performance upside-down WP APEX 43 forks and 17-inch cast alloy racing wheels. Hao Chen’s Duke stops as quickly as it takes off. A high-tech BYBRE braking system works with the advanced ABS, providing controlled stopping power, thanks to a 300 mm brake disc on the front, and 230 mm disc on the rear. Add the electronic fuel injection, chrome-moly tubular space powder-coated frame plus the racing genes styling and see why this bike is such great value for money. For a little over $5k, Procycles KTM Sydney can set you free. Be like Hao. Come in and we will show you how. 无论你是刚来到澳洲或者想体验驾驶摩托车的美好感, 你可以到 St Peters Procycles来, 我们说您的语言, 或者打电话给 [02] 9564 8003 Bob Wang

    Hao Chen

  • Verified Buyer
    Jason - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Jason might be slightly vertically challenged, but hey at least he can get his toes onto the ground at the lights. And anyway most times he’s going to be feet up and charging through the scrub on his new ‘23 model KTM 690 Enduro R, from Procycles KTM Sydney. For Jason his new 690 Enduro R is the King of Versatility. He can ride it from home and lean into his favourite curves, just getting to his favourite off-road location. No trailer required. When he gets there, that’s when his KTM 690 Enduro R really comes into its own and the real fun begins. Its lightweight chassis, aggressive styling, and trusted 690 LC4 motor, are enhanced by the latest electronics and WP XPLOR suspension. The more extreme the trail gets, the more Jason can master the terrain.


  • Verified Buyer
    Tate - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Tate and his dad Rob, came in to Procycles KTM Hornsby, looking to update Tate’s race bike and they were pleased to see we had the bike in stock and ready to roll! Without any fuss, we had the bike prepped and delivered to Robert that same day! Tate’s new KTM 85SX SW is his first real step into racing against the big boys. This 85 SX is lightweight, powerful and reliable. It boasts real big bike components in a scaled down 85cc geometry, providing the ultimate kick start to Tate’s riding career. Good luck in your racing Tate and look forward to seeing you and Rob again when you’re ready to step up to the next grade!


  • Verified Buyer
    Jackson - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Jackson collected his 2023 KTM 890 Adventure yesterday. Jackson is new to the adventure bike scene, but what a way to start. This model is the most advanced middleweight in its class, with an off-road capability second to none. The KTM 890 Adventure R is packed with Rider Aids like Traction control, Cornering ABS and Rider modes that can be adjusted on the fly. The ‘23 model has re-worked WP EXPLOR suspension, Dakar Rally inspired bodywork [from the 450], a redesigned Windshield with dual functionality for an unobstructed view when on standing on the pegs, a 5” TFT display with integrated Bluetooth Connectivity, Turn by turn Navigation and quick access to KTM’s roadside assistance. Jackson’s riding experience is further enhanced with optional additions like a Quik-shifter and Cruise control and with the introduction of Demo Mode, Jackson can test the Tech Pack for the first 1,500 kilometres .. free. Enjoy your new adventure Jackson, from the team at Procycles KTM Sydney.


  • Verified Buyer
    Yufei - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Yufei has just collected her 2023 KTM 390 Duke. This model is a very cool, dark design and is loaded with ample features for a beginner rider to enjoy. Yufei was a little nervous with her decision at first, but she came through again for a trial run on our demonstrator, and decided this would be the perfect upgrade from her CB125. Sure Yufei’s new 390 Duke has a lot more power with its 44-horsepower, single cylinder engine, but the upright handlebar positions were a familiar feel. The big differences for Yufei will be in the new features: like a tidy switch block for the advanced TFT display, with additional Bluetooth pairing. Yufei also gets adjustable levers, ABS that can be disabled, inverted WP forks on the front with preload adjustment for the rear shock and ultra-lightweight cast alloy wheels. With a complete package like 390 Duke, Yufei will be tearing up the streets in no time. Congratulations from the team at Procycles KTM Sydney.


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