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Motion Pro

Motion Pro Pro Plug Socket 14 mm

Motion Pro Pro Plug Socket 14 mm

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  • Fits 14 mm spark plugs
  • Ultra-strong tool steel construction
  • Slim skeleton profile
  • Use with a 3/8" square drive or 17 mm wrench
  • Innovative internal plug retention system
  • Protective black oxide coating
  • Easy to read laser etched markings
  • Can be used as an axle holding tool on bikes with 17 mm internal hex axles. Through hole allows use of screwdriver or holding rod
  • Light weight
  • Outer diameter 19.25mm (0.758 in.)
  • Patented Design
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Real Riders, Real Stories

  • Verified Buyer
    Brendan - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Brendan bought a Ninja 1000 SX off us a few months back. Secretly he always wanted to own a KTM SuperDuke R, but resisted the temptation for a few years. Eventually the dark side won and Brendan realised that life was too short. At Procycles KTM Hornsby, we offered to trade the Ninja and Brendan is now the happy owner of KTM’s awesome Super Duke R, the mighty 180hp, 1290cc V-Twin with a massive 140 Nm of torque. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this. A lightweight frame with forged aluminium triple clamps. 48mm WP APEX forks with electronically controlled damping. 4-piston BREMBO Stylema floating caliper brakes. Hi-end traction control, anti-wheelie functionality. Cornering ABS. Nine ride modes with a Bosch EMS and an amazing electronics package to sync it all together, in real time.

    Brendan 2024-02-24

  • Verified Buyer
    Ben - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Ben is a long-term, loyal customer and a good friend of us at Procycles BMW Hornsby. Ben is also a real GS devotee. He loves them and for good reason. Ben has become very attached to his old BMW R1200 GS. He’s done over 155,000 klms on the bike with no issues whatsoever. It’s never let him down. So when it came time to think about buying a new generation BMW R1300 GS, for Ben the biggest issue was parting with his “old faithful.” Ben just couldn’t bring himself to trade it … we told you he was loyal! So the only solution was to … have two GSs in the garage. With no disrespect intended to his R1200, Bennie is going to love his new 1300 GS even more. The difference riding these two bikes will be like chalk and cheese. The new bike is smaller, lighter and a lot faster. Loaded with the latest electronics and rider assistance systems, it will be so much easier to ride. Benny ordered his new R1300 GS in Triple Black with Gold Wheels. So it comes looking gorgeous, with lots of options, including the Dynamic package, Innovation Package and Touring Package. For Ben … it’s time to fall in love all over again.

    Ben 2024-02-17

  • Verified Buyer
    Barry - Procycles New BMW Owner

    BMW’s new generation R1300 GS units are now arriving at Procycles BMW Sydney and we are busy prepping the bikes for delivery. It’s a great feeling to be able to contact our lucky customers and give them the good news … the bikes they ordered last year are finally here and ready to ride. Customers like Barry who replaced his R1250 GS Rallye with the new BMW R1300 GS Triple Black, optioned up with the Enduro Package Pro. Barry gets extra Handle Bar Risers, Engine Protection Bars and Guard, Short Hand Levers, Enduro Foot Rests, Adjustable Gear Lever and Brake Levers, Rear Frame Protection, Single Seat Exhaust Bracket and Front Stalk Indicators. These new R1300 GS motorcycles are amazing. No other bike in this category offers such a variety of optional packages. Riders can order a new GS to exactly suit their riding style and needs.

    Barry 2024-02-17

  • Verified Buyer
    Ben - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Ben has always had naked bikes, starting with an Inazuma 250 back in the day and progressing over the years to a Street Triple. All good bikes … but a touch pedestrian … i.e. lacking interest; ordinary; dull. Not at all like Ben. He always wanted something with a lot more get up and go. Plus he was missing out on all the benefits modern technology has brought to bikes. So after careful consideration and a lot of online research, Ben turned it up to 11 and put his money down on a new KTM 890 Duke R. This is a no-compromise mid-weight naked bike, with more power [89kW], more torque [99 Nm] and more everything than any parallel twin in its class. It only weighs 189 kg and the full tech package is amazing. Bosch 9.1 MP Cornering ABS. WP Apex Suspension. Brembo Stylema Monobloc four piston, radially mounted callipers. Ride-by-wire and a PASC anti-hopping clutch. A real step-up for Ben and a whole lot more fun. Congratulations mate from the whole Procycles KTM Hornsby team.

    Ben 2024-02-15

  • Verified Buyer
    Brent - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Brent is a loyal BMW rider, a long term Procycles Hornsby customer and best of all a good bloke who’s well-liked by all. Brent was happy riding his BMW GS Adventure, until just recently when he started to have thoughts about a sportier ride. He wasn’t quite ready for clip-ons and rear-sets, but wanted something in-between. A powerful 100 kW [136hp] sports touring bike with an upright seating position, like he was used to, a similar top-shelf BMW ShiftCam Boxer engine and something with very stable, surefooted handling that he can also tip into corners … the BMW R1250 RS. The new RS is as quick as it is comfortable. The low centre of gravity and dynamic suspension system gives it incredible stability and control and the riding modes allow you to dial the bike to perform exactly as you like it. Brent ordered his with forged wheels and the Billet Shadow package. This is the best sports tourer on the market and Brent is going to enjoy it so much. Well done mate.

    Brent 2024-02-13

  • Verified Buyer
    Alan - Procycles New  Owner

    Alan was on the lookout for a good used MT-07 for quite a while. He wasn’t having much luck until he saw this pristine example, a trade at Procycles Sydney, in St Peters. Like all of our used motorcycles the MT-07 had been through our workshop for its detail and prepare for delivery process, to ensure the next buyer has the best possible “new bike” experience. When Alan saw just how good the MT-07 was presented and its immaculate condition, he had to own it. If you’re in the market for only the best pre-loved motorcycles, come into the store or check out our inventory online @

    Alan 2024-02-13

  • Verified Buyer
    Bhalchandra - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Bhalchandra was browsing in Procycles KTM Sydney, looking for needed some basic transport. With a tight budget in mind, he didn’t expect to be able to buy something loaded with the latest tech and hi-quality components. Bhalchandra saw the ‘23 model KTM 200 Duke and how functional it was, he looked at the special price and the deal was done. This bike is cheap enough, but it’s not all about the price. This little compact pumps out 18.4 kW @ 10,000 rpm with loads of torque: 19.3 Nm @ 8,000. The 200 Duke has an exposed, powder-coated steel trellis frame and suspension duties are handled by upside-down forks at the front and a rear preload-adjustable monoshock unit. For braking, the motorcycle uses a single disc at the front and rear supported by ByBre calipers. Moreover, it gets dual-channel ABS that can be turned off for the rear wheel. Bhalchandra also gets a colour LED dash and an all-LED headlamp.

    Bhalchandra 2024-02-08

  • Verified Buyer
    Anthony - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Anthony bought himself a Husky 401, but soon realised it didn’t do it for him. So he came into Procycles KTM Sydney looking for a better option. How about a fantastic Moto3-inspired little pocket-rocket, with amazing performance, razor-sharp handling, super-strong braking and great ergonomics. The KTM RC390 is all that and more. Let’s talk power: The RC390 makes 32kW at 9,000 rpm and 37Nm at 7,000 rpm. It’s biggest competitor, the YZF-R3, makes 30.9kW of power at 10,700rpm and 26.9Nm of torque at 9,000rpm. By George! The RC390 whips the R3 when it comes to real-world, usable torque – and at much lower revs. The RC390 weighs 159kg. Its WP APEX suspension is a fully adjustable 43 mm fork offering a massive 30 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment, as well as pre-load. EMS is by Bosch and the electronics feature a three-axis IMU and thus you get Cornering ABS and on/off traction control. The PASC anti-hopping clutch is mechanically operated. A neat feature of the ABS is you’ve got the Supermoto Mode, where Anthony can disengage the rear ABS and back his RC390 into corners. And the 5” full colour TFT dash is one of the most impressive on the market today, given the price.

    Anthony 2024-02-05

  • Verified Buyer
    Adam - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Adam came into Procycles BMW Sydney to snap-up the last BMW R1250 GS Rallye available. As we all know, the new generation BMW R1300 GS is on the water and will be at Procycles very soon. But Adam knows the R1250 is still a great bike. After 40 years of constant development, the older GS’s will forever be strong in our psyche. I wish we had a dollar for every time a GS owner has said this is the best bike ever. The GS range’s enduring and broad appeal stems from its excellent handling, versatile performance, comfortable ride, comprehensive features, and renowned durability and reliability. It’s a capable corner scratcher as well as a comfortable highway cruiser, great for loading up with a passenger and gear, and for its size, surprisingly capable off-road. Despite being a big bike you can throw it around like a dirtbike, with its low centre of gravity. This is the ultimate all-rounder … its like the Swiss Army knife of motorcycles.

    Adam 2023-12-13

  • Verified Buyer
    Beata - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Beata and Witold have been riding a smaller cc scooter which just didn’t deliver enough power, especially two-up. And they were over having to get the old scooter serviced every 500 klms. So they came into Procycles BMW Sydney to take a closer look at the BMW C400X ion, an exemplary combination of looks, performance and practicality. The C 400 X ion is a maxi-scooter that ticks all the boxes. And recent improvements have made it even better. Including chassis updates, a new 350cc single-cylinder engine which develops 25kW and 35Nm, making the 400 a zippy city commuter and a quite reasonable highway machine, even two-up. Fuel economy has improved, and it’s quiet, too. The new high-definition TFT screen is bright, clear and offers plenty of information. You can link it with your smartphone and a BMW app to give maps and more, plus (via a suitable helmet), Bluetooth music and voice calls. The keyless start is handy, and the LED lighting makes for safer night riding. ABS braking is first rate, with twin discs up front, and one at the rear. The ASC, or stability control system, works on the brakes and the accelerator to limit torque in marginal conditions. The “Flexcase” expandable under-seat cargo arrangements allow you to fit up to two helmets, while the bike is parked. Like many of our recent customers, Beata and Witold took advantage of the current BMW promotion with $1,500 off the ride away price of the bike.

    Beata 2023-12-02

  • Verified Buyer
    Ben - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Ben has owned a Kawasaki H2 previously and could wait to pick up his new one, from Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby, after we fitted it with a Vandemon exhaust. Ben’s newer model Supercharged H2 is fitted with Kawasaki’s most advanced electronics package to date. With Bosch’s five-axis IMU and the latest software evolution, Kawasaki’s next-generation ECU moves into live-data-driven, active systems capable of building a real-time data map of what the bike is doing. In addition to intelligent ABS, the H2 comes equipped with launch control, intelligent traction control, and a cornering management function that suppresses the bike’s tendency to stand up while braking mid-corner. The system processes live IMU data to calculate and maintain optimum hydraulic brake pressure based on the bike’s lean and pitch angles.

    Ben 2023-11-25

  • Verified Buyer
    Ben - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Ben has grown up on rural properties, so, from an early age, has always been riding bikes around the farm. He’s also been taught real country values. Look after your machinery and it will last you for years. Just like his motorcycles. He’s coming of a 2002 Dakar onto a ‘23 model BMW F850 GS. Ben was originally looking into the new F900 GS due to arrive mid-April, but when he saw the current Procycles Sydney promotional prices on the F850 GS, it was too big an opportunity to pass up. Why wait when you can save heaps. Ben was straight off to show his mate in Manly the new bike, and then he was making plans to go find some bush down south, just to make sure it’s all ok, before he heads back home to show his family.

    Ben 2023-11-21

  • Verified Buyer
    Alexandre - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Alexandre is a cool guy who has been interested in a KTM 790 Adventure R for quite a while. When he saw that Procycles KTM Sydney, had this ’22 model at an amazing run-out price, he decided it was time for an upgrade. Alexandre wanted to get a lot more serious about his off-road riding, but it’s always a compromise when you also have to commute. That’s why the KTM 790 Adventure R is just perfect for him. Developed from KTM's offroad race DNA, the KTM 790 Adventure R is a real-world, travel capable, offroad motorcycle, equipped for the most extreme escapes. Pumping out 95 hp (70 kW) and only weighing 189 kg, combined with a full electronics package, WP Apex suspension, 21- and 18-inch wheels and with an estimated 450 klm fuel range, it is the perfect enduro bike … that Alexandre can ride to work.

    Alexandre 2023-11-21

  • Verified Buyer
    Angela - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Angela was riding a KLR, but she found it to be a bit too heavy for her to be comfortable when she turned off the road and manoeuvrability in tight spaces was an issue. This was an easy fix. When Angela told the guys at Procycles BMW Hornsby her problem, they sat her on the BMW G310 GS and Angela immediately relaxed into the fit. And she was particularly taken with the Kalamata Gold colour scheme. With her confidence back, Angela was planning some adventure rides, so we fitted a Top box and Pannier kit so she has heaps of overnight storage and she treated herself to a new pair of Falco adventure boots, to ensure her feet remain in good shape.

    Angela 2023-11-18

  • Verified Buyer
    Anthony - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Anthony was looking for a motorcycle that was a lot more comfortable on longer trips. He sat on a few of the bikes at Procycles Kawasaki Sydney and then he saw the new ’24 model Kawasaki Z900 RS, in its brilliant new Blue/Black colour scheme. This truly iconic retro-looking has real cred on the street. And whist it may be a retro classic, under the skin the Z900 RS is crammed with Kawasaki technology. Features like Traction Control, Slipper Clutch, LED lights, Horizontal Back-Link suspension and Kawasaki’s Ergo-Fit, so that Anthony can dial his riding position and ensure everything is comfortably within reach. Anthony likes his motorcycles to have a ‘beefy’ sound, so we saved some weight, made the power more efficient and gave the bike a real bark by fitting an Italian SC-Project exhaust, hooked up to Akrapovic titanium headers. And it sounds amazing. Procycles are the biggest stockist of SC-Project mufflers in Australia and we have a product specialist on staff. If you have any queries or would like to know what difference an SC-Project Muffler will make to your ride, ring Adrian on (02) 9564 8010 or take a look at the range in our webshop –

    Anthony 2023-11-17

  • Verified Buyer
     - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Michael has made the perfect start to his riding career by purchasing BMW’s G310 GS from Procycles BMW Sydney. And with his new bike he lashed out and wisely bought the best helmet we had … a BMW Carbon XOMO helmet. Despite Michael’s helmet purchase, he’s actually quite budget-conscious, so the 310 GS makes a great choice. The bike is lightweight and very nimble handling which makes it great in the city. Michael can really carve through the traffic when he commutes, then on the weekends he’ll find the G310 GS’s suspension, ergonomics, and off-road abilities, a great entry-point to having fun on the trails and dirt roads.


  • Verified Buyer
    Amos - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Amos waited patiently for four months for his very rare, special factory edition BMW M1000 RR Competition to arrive at Procycles BMW Sydney. This thrilling update from BMW sees the already awesome M1000 RR bike get a dynamic makeover with the introduction of the M Competition Package. The update will redefine Amos’s riding experience, bringing both enhanced performance capabilities and a new exclusive visual appeal to his superbike. The Competition package adds cutting-edge aerodynamics and a level of M Sport componentry and equipment too comprehensive to detail here. The power and acceleration statistics, the electronics package, the braking capability, and the handling characteristics promise a stylish and powerful riding experience, without compromising safety. Judging by Amos’s smile, the wait was worth it.

    Amos 2023-11-08

  • Verified Buyer
    Allison and Brad - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Allison and Brad were HD riders. A few weeks ago, they embarked on a GS Safari of sorts, riding new BMW F750 GS’s on a 10-day trip through Morocco. They were absolutely blown away by the experience and when they returned to Australia, they were straight into Procycles BMW Sydney, placing deposits on two F750 GS’s. The jetlag hadn’t even worn off, but they knew what they had to do! Although Allison has an emotional attachment to her Harley and will be keeping it, she said it feels agricultural compared to the BMW. We were happy to assist with some additional accessories like the BMW Vario Top boxes and some new riding gear including jackets and helmets. The journey doesn’t end here for Allison and Brad. It’s just the beginning. They’ll be going straight home to get the maps out. Where to next?

    Allison and Brad 2023-10-25

  • Verified Buyer
    Andrew - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Andrew is a returning Procycles customer. He was previously riding around on a 200 Duke, just for the sheer convenience. Then one day he decided he could have a lot more fun, and venture further afield, on a real bike. Time to upgrade. Gary started to look at the trades we had at Procycles BMW Sydney, when he saw a used BMW R NineT Urban GS. He took it for a test ride and loved it. But when we sat down to crunch the numbers and Andrew saw our Procycles promotional prices on a new machine, then we showed him this stunning Imperial Blue Metallic BMW R nineT, glistening in the sun, he went for it. Who could blame him. This classic roadster may look retro on the outside, with its purist looks that stem from over 90 years of motorcycle design, but under that skin it has all the latest BMW technology, to enhance Andrew’s riding experience. Built from the highest-quality materials and careful workmanship down to the smallest detail, the R nineT also has ABS Pro, Dynamic Brake Light, LED lights and Indicators, USB Charging, Engine Braking Control, Dynamic Traction Control, Adaptive Headlight and the Comfort Package of Riding Modes Pro, Heated Grips, and Cruise Control.

    Andrew 2023-10-24

  • Verified Buyer
    Antonio - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Antonio was lucky enough to score the first ’24 model Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. With his new bike Antonio gets the best of two worlds. This remarkably versatile motorcycle has all the track day performance coupled with a supreme capability for two-up touring, supported by superior power, advanced rider support electronics, and a variety of intuitive features which contribute to the overall rideability and comfort. A force to be reckoned with on the track or for weekend trips. The Ninja 1000SX seamlessly blends the best of sport touring and superbike technology to deliver an exhilarating ride. The powerful inline four-cylinder engine delivers major top-end power and strong mid-range performance. The power delivery is responsive and comes with an intoxicating intake howl. The Ninja 1000SX is intelligent and responsive, equipped with a Supersport-grade, multi-sensing ABS brake assistance system. Plus, an electric cruise control system activated by a simple press of a button.

    Antonio 2023-10-11

  • Verified Buyer
    Braydon - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Braydon has scored himself a new Kawasaki Ninja 650L, a solid bang-for-the-buck choice that shows he knows. The Ninja 650 motorcycle comes packed with a sporty 649 cc engine, next-level technology advancements and sharp styling. The unmistakable sport performance is met with an upright riding position to keep Braydon’s daily commutes comfortable and safe, without losing that level of excitement that keeps us coming back for more. The Ninja 650 puts out 37.8 kW @ 8,000 rpm, with 57.0 Nm of torque @ 4,800 rpm. The high-tensile steel trellis frame makes the bike light, manageable and easy to ride. The Ninja 650L is hard to beat for commuting, fun longer rides and weekend blasts with your mates. At Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we might be Kawasaki’s newest dealer, but we have been here for fifty years. Come in and let us show you a very different Kawasaki buying experience.

    Braydon 2023-10-07

  • Verified Buyer
    Antonio - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Antonio has enjoyed riding fast superbikes bikes and he’s owned a few BMW S1000 RR’s. Then he thought he would like something individual and genuinely unique. Still a sports ride, but with a lot more comfort. He came into Procycles BMW Sydney and we showed him the BMW K1600 Bagger with Option 719 Midnight. With the K1600 B, sportsbike power is no problem. The legendary 1600cc six-cylinder engine howls, a power delivery unlike anything you have ever experienced. Virtually eating up the road ahead of you. Totally unique in every way, including the Option 719 Midnight paintwork, depicting an entire galaxy design. No two bikes are the same. BMW has developed a complex water transfer process for the first time in motorcycle series production. A time-consuming and labor-intensive process that starts with Meteoric Dust II Metallic paint and then a motif of the galaxy is applied from a backing film, activated in a water bath. In this process, pigments separate from the backing film and start to float on the surface. The corresponding panel is immersed in this bath to make the pigments adhere to it. The positioning of the graphic, the shape of the parts, the immersion angle and speed are paramount, making each part a unique section of an entire galaxy. Finally, parts are finished with a high-gloss top coat. The rest of the K1600 B is also unique. New lighting technology is state-of-the-art: thanks to the full LED adaptive headlight, whizzing you around bends in a much more dynamic way. The navigation quite literally also sets new standards. In full-screen mode, the display stands out with its 1,920x720 pixels in full HD resolution. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Antonio 2023-10-07

  • Verified Buyer
    Harsha - Procycles New BMW Owner

    When Harsha came into Procycles BMW Hornsby to collect his new ’23 model BMW F900 XR, we asked him if we could take a happy snap. No problem. When we were done Harsha said, “I’ll take it from here.” He wanted to write his own copy. No problem. Here’s what he said: “I decided to buy a BMW from Procycles as their reputation as a BMW dealer was top notch. Switched from a MT07 Tracer to a F900XR. Brent and John were exceptional in their service and got me a fully loaded BMW with great pricing too!” What Harsha hasn’t told us is that his new BMW F900 XR is designed for those who want the best of both sport riding and long-distance touring. The engine makes a healthy 105 horsepower, that coupled with multiple riding modes, means Harsha can use it all. The bike comes with a comprehensive list of standard equipment, including the latest in high-tech features. Harsha gets Dynamic ESA, Adaptive Cornering Light, a bright and easy-to-read TFT display with BMW’s Connectivity setup, a 12V socket for accessories, adjustable hand controls, height adjustable windshield and LED lighting all around

    Harsha 2023-10-05

  • Verified Buyer
    Mitchell - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Mitchell looks like a pretty fit guy. Not only fit, but smart. He took advantage of the special promotional price on a new ’22 model KTM 450 SX-F, from Procycles KTM Sydney. You don’t have to be strong to ride this big motocrosser. It’s the lightest 450 MX bike available. Despite the 450 SX-F engine delivering heaps of grunt, it has one of the best balanced powerbands on the market. Easily enough power to keep Mitchell excited and at the same time being totally under control. It has a smooth roll-on in the low rpm that builds steadily to the rev limiter. With an on-the-fly EFI map switch, it’s easy to make noticeable changes to the power delivery throughout the day. Add in a traction control feature and Mitchell can further adapt the engine’s power delivery for changing conditions. The WP Xact air fork and WP Xact shock suspension components, are also adjustable.

    Mitchell 2023-10-04

  • Verified Buyer
    Greg - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Greg is a real BMW aficionado. He has owned and ridden the best bikes, including different GS Adventures and K1600 GTLs. And whilst Greg has enjoyed his Adventure years, he’s now decided to do much more touring and put aside his off-road riding. Greg knew what he wanted next and came into Procycles BMW Sydney to order the latest BMW K1600 GTL Option 719, with special paintwork Meteoric Dust 2 Metallic and Option 719 Forged Wheels Classic. This masterpiece is the pride of the BMW fleet. The pinnacle of high quality and sheer comfort, boasting the legendary straight-six engine, superior control and effortless steering. Now standard equipped with the latest generation of Dynamic ESA and ABS Pro. As Greg knows, travelling with the K 1600 GTL takes you to a new dimension – stylish, powerful, luxurious – a first-class experience.

    Greg 2023-09-28

  • Verified Buyer
    Kevin - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Lucky Kevin has just taken delivery of this ’22 model Kawasaki Z900 RS, a timeless retro sport motorcycle that’s bristling with modern technology.

    A fantastic blend of classic and contemporary design combined to make something utterly breathtaking. Kevin’s Z900 has an impeccable model pedigree, with a cult status in Australia, earned on the track, in custom shops and most importantly in customer satisfaction, due to an almost bulletproof reliability record. The Z900 RS delivers huge power with a 948 cc water-cooled, inline four engine, making 110bhp at 8,500rpm and 73 lb.ft at 6,500rpm. And the power Characteristics are ideal for any sort of rider, from the everyday commuter to those who like to get it on. The torque is amazing. Kevin’s Z900 RS is happy to just plod around in 4th gear, but twist the throttle and the rush is instantaneous. Get a grip and hang on! A Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we might be a new Kawasaki dealer, but we have been here for 50 years. Come in and let us show you a whole new Kawasaki buying experience

    Kevin 2023-09-28

  • Verified Buyer
    Malcom - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Malcom grew up on his parent’s farm west of Sydney. So he spent may years riding dirt bikes around the property. But when he moved away, to work in Sydney and get on with life, his commitments pushed all that aside. Naturally he misses getting out into the bush and the freedom feeling. What he needed was a motorcycle that was comfortable to ride to the farm and capable of tackling the trails when he got there. At Procycles BMW Hornsby, we put Malcom on an F850 GS Adventure, the supreme all-rounder. Probably the most off-road capable adventure bike in the BMW range, driven by a powerful, parallel twin engine with 90 hp on tap and 84 Nm of torque, which translates to grunt in the bush. Malcom will be conquering all surfaces on his new BMW. We can see him now … tearing up the mud in his old stomping ground.

    Malcom 2023-09-28

  • Verified Buyer
    Doug - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Doug lives in the ACT and contacted us at Procycles BMW Hornsby when he saw this fantastic, Wunderlich BMW F850 GS advertised online. Doug’s lucky coming from an area surrounded by lots of great places to ride, both on and off the road and he’s bought the best all-rounder to make the most of it. The BMW 850 GS is versatile and well-rounded both on pavement and in the dirt. It has exceptionally good road manners, with all the off-road hallmarks of its bigger GS brothers, without being so cumbersome to ride. Doug can purr along quite happily on the road knowing that when he turns off the highway his F850 GS is ready to bark its Akrapovic exhaust note and bite into the bush, fully protected by the Wunderlich Bars covering the vital bits. Even though Doug bought at our Hornsby store, he was able to pick his bike up from St Peters, a closer to the ACT. The convenience of two locations 

    Doug 2023-09-27

  • Verified Buyer
    Neven - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Neven has been riding big ticket performance bikes for years and he was pretty much over listening to his mates constantly telling him how good BMW’s S1000 RR bikes were and how he was missing out. Everybody says they are on the best bike … anyway how much difference could there be? So he decided to quietly get into Procycles BMW at Hornsby and take a closer look at the new S1000 RR. We showed Neven the new RR M Sport, he did his research and next thing he put his name on one that was on its way to Australia. Neven’s about to experience the next level in Sportsbike performance. Blisteringly quick acceleration. Superb handling and the best ergonomics and comfort of any bike he has ridden. The BMW S1000RR M Sport is loaded with exclusive M components and the M carbon fibre wheels give it an edge around corners that will have Neven rounding up his mates like never before.

    Neven 2023-09-27

  • Verified Buyer
    Russell - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Russell lives on the NSW/Victorian border. Over 12 months ago he saw these beautiful Kawasaki Z900 RS SE models and had to have one. He contacted his local dealer and waited until he could wait no longer. Frustrated Russell rang us at Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby and his bike arrived yesterday. Last night after work, our Hornsby Master Tech Scott, put Russell’s bike on the truck and did a late night delivery … at 1am! But that didn’t stop an excited Russell , who was waiting outside his house for Scott to arrive. It was worth the drive to see the look on Russell’s face when we pulled up. This exclusive, iconic Kawasaki Z900 RS SE has Ohlins rear suspension and Brembo brakes to complete a modern retro motorcycle. At Procycles we are happy to go that extra mile … or in this case 470 klms … and back, just to help our customers live the dream. If you live on Sydney’s Northside, come up and see us at Procycles Hornsby. It will be worth it. Our workshop specialises in servicing and repair work on all Japanese brands and our Kawasaki sales are second to none.

    Russell 2023-09-26

  • Verified Buyer
    Jason - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Jason might be slightly vertically challenged, but hey at least he can get his toes onto the ground at the lights. And anyway most times he’s going to be feet up and charging through the scrub on his new ‘23 model KTM 690 Enduro R, from Procycles KTM Sydney. For Jason his new 690 Enduro R is the King of Versatility. He can ride it from home and lean into his favourite curves, just getting to his favourite off-road location. No trailer required. When he gets there, that’s when his KTM 690 Enduro R really comes into its own and the real fun begins. Its lightweight chassis, aggressive styling, and trusted 690 LC4 motor, are enhanced by the latest electronics and WP XPLOR suspension. The more extreme the trail gets, the more Jason can master the terrain.

    Jason 2023-09-26

  • Verified Buyer
    Michael - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Michael truly gets the best of both worlds with his new ’23 model Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX. It has the Ninja spirit craved by solo sportbike riders, but takes the concept further with real sport touring versatility … to share with a fellow traveller. The Ninja 1000SX now has increased seat comfort for both rider and passenger. The optimised seats are not the only attraction for longer touring adventures. The Ninja 1000SX has the tech for the ride. From traction control to cruise control, rider aid electronics, a slipper-style clutch, all LED lighting … real-world advanced sportbike technology. Then there’s the Superbike performance. A 1,043 cc engine producing 140 horsepower and 81.7 pound-feet of torque. At Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, we love selling these Kawasaki motorcycles … because they never come back! Except for the scheduled services of course.

    Michael 2023-09-19

  • Verified Buyer
    Mark - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Since 2017 Mark has been riding his absolutely immaculate BMW S1000 RR. He came in to see us at Procycles BMW Sydney around six weeks ago, asking if we would trade it on a new BMW M1000 R Competition. We were only too happy to take his RR in such beautiful condition. Mark’s been anxiously waiting for this beauty to arrive and couldn’t wait to pick it up. The BMW M1000 R Competition is a special motorcycle. It’s BMW's flagship super naked, based on their homologation RR superbike, but fitted with flat bars and without a front fairing. The chassis is absolutely amazing, the handling is sharp and aggressive, with light and accurate steering. Mark’s M Competition Package includes an enticing mix of refined components and impressive M electronic gadgetry and racing technology. The M1000 R Competition develops 205 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque. It weighs only 199 kgs. This new model has more riding stability at high speeds and offers a truly dynamic riding experience. Yet Mark can comfortably ride it to work and the bike can be as docile as he likes. Forget work! Mark went straight home to install a new competition exhaust and then was going to go for a blast this weekend.

    Mark 2023-09-18

  • Verified Buyer
    Sam and Jay - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Best mates Sam and Jay are ex-Harley riders who have quite a collection of bikes between them. They agreed and made a pact … no more motorcycles … then they saw the new BMW R18 100 Year Editions, at Procycles BMW Sydney. Well … maybe be just two more. Who could blame them. Who could pass on the dazzling looks and exclusivity of these gorgeous new R18 100 Year Cruisers. Only 1,923 units were ever made worldwide and now they already have an official collectors status, snapped up by absolute aficionados and sold out at BMW. The 100 Year edition conveys a feeling of nostalgia, with its historic features and plenty of chrome. For example, the drop-shaped fuel tank and white lines, an element that made the BMW R5 unmistakable, as early as 1936. And of course the unique boxer engine, in its most exclusive form. 100 years of soul in one motorcycle. Sam and Jay say they will keep the new bikes in the lounge room. No way will they be able to resist riding around on these beauties.

    Sam and Jay 2023-09-18

  • Verified Buyer
    Brett - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Brett trekked all the way from Lillian Rock, to collect his 2013 BMW G650 GS, from Procycles BMW Sydney. He trekked 621 klms to be exact. Lilian Rock is a small New South Wales town near Kyogle, a scenic 15 minute drive north of Nimbin. Lillian Rock is famous for its sacred Aboriginal landmarks, located next to Blue Knob Mountain. Why would you ever leave … one might ask? Brett has always been a man of the bush, accustomed to no frills things that work perfectly. That’s why when he saw our immaculate G650 GS he was right on it. And he made sure by coming down and collecting it personally. One of the best models ever made by BMW, this G650 GS still looks as good as it did ten years ago. Good to see its in good hands Brett. Alive and well in paradise.

    Brett 2023-09-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Jingen - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Jingen was very lucky to take a late-night delivery of this beautiful BMW S1000 RR Sport. Procycles BMW Sydney was able to secure him a bike, probably the last one, as there is now a three month waiting time on new stock arriving into Australia. And this delay is likely to get longer, as more and more new superbike riders are realising the differences in performance and just how much better these bikes are to ride. For some time now we have seen a distinct shift away from the more exotic brands, to the legendary ergonomics, comfort, electronics and the spectacular but practical power of BMW’s superbike icon, the S1000 RR. If you are ready to enter the real world and ride a BMW, you need to talk to Procycles BMW now. No pressure. No commitment. Just come in and discuss your options. If you do decide to proceed, we can give you a realistic delivery time. We are Australia’s biggest and most experienced BMW Motorrad dealer because we care … and like you, we ride every day.

    Jingen 2023-09-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Ivan - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Ivan was a Ducatista from the time he started to ride. He resisted as long as he could, but finally he’s seen the light and upgraded to the fastest naked production motorcycle to date. A BMW M1000 R Competition. Ivan couldn’t believe all the hi-end, competition-spec components that came standard on the BMW, that he would have to option up on whatever Ducati equivalent. The truth is there is no equivalent. The M1000R Competition is BMW's flagship Super Naked, based on their homologation superbike but fitted with flat bars and no fairing. It looks dazzling in its exclusive Black Storm Metallic M Sport colours. The new M R engine is significantly more powerful than any previous model across the entire rev range. It will accelerate to 200 kph in just 7 seconds! Yet for such a dynamic motorcycle, it is remarkably easy to ride. The steering is light and accurate with super sharp handling. Ivan’s Competition model includes extra ultra-exclusive parts, like the M GPS Laptrigger, M Carbon wheels, M Carbon front and rear fenders, M Carbon tank covers, M Carbon Chain Guard, Carbon airbox cover, M Billet Package and M Rider Footrest System. To complete the look, Ivan picked up the latest BMW Carbon helmet that perfectly matches his M1000 R Competition scheme.

    Ivan 2023-08-31

  • Verified Buyer
    Clint - Procycles New BMW Owner

    After riding for several years, Clint thought he was ready for something more sporty. So six months ago he bit the bullet and bought himself a brand new Panigale V2. Like lots of our customers, Clint quickly realised it just didn’t work for him. They look great, but passion isn’t everything. Clint had heard nothing but good reports about BMW’s S1000 RR and decided to take a closer look at our Procycles BMW Hornsby store. We showed Clint an S1000 RR Race model and he took it for a test ride. Clint immediately realised the differences in technology, power characteristics and especially comfort that he had been missing out on. We traded in his Panigale and the last we saw of Clint he was headed for the nearest horizon, something he wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.

    Clint 2023-08-31

  • Verified Buyer
    Tate - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Tate and his dad Rob, came in to Procycles KTM Hornsby, looking to update Tate’s race bike and they were pleased to see we had the bike in stock and ready to roll! Without any fuss, we had the bike prepped and delivered to Robert that same day! Tate’s new KTM 85SX SW is his first real step into racing against the big boys. This 85 SX is lightweight, powerful and reliable. It boasts real big bike components in a scaled down 85cc geometry, providing the ultimate kick start to Tate’s riding career. Good luck in your racing Tate and look forward to seeing you and Rob again when you’re ready to step up to the next grade!

    Tate 2023-08-31

  • Verified Buyer
    Kelvin - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Kelvin hails from the far North Coast and he likes nothing better than to hit the open road and get some fresh air, on a big bore sports touring bike. Kelvin clocked up heaps of klms on his 1290 SuperDuke GT, but when he saw the new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX, he knew it was time for an update. Kelvin checked his local dealers and they either couldn’t source him a bike, or didn’t want to know about his trade. He should have come to Procycles Kawasaki Hornsby in the first instance. We had his new H2 SX in stock and we were happy to trade his SuperDuke. Procycles might be Sydney’s newest Kawasaki dealer, but we have riding and selling bikes for 50 years, so we know a thing or two about what real motorcyclists want. Kelvin rode down to see us and left with his new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX, heading home via Moree and then to the Gold Coast, just to run it in! Enjoy the new bike Kelvin, we’re all very jealous! If you live and want a Kawasaki Northside, ring us at Procycles on [02] 9910 9523. On the Southside try Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. We make Kawasaki dreams come true.

    Kelvin 2023-08-30

  • Verified Buyer
    Gareth - Procycles New BMW Owner

    When Gareth went looking for a motorcycle with maximum Sports capability, he was temporarily side-tracked by an Aprilia RSV 1100. Gareth found out early he had the speed, but was missing the versatility and comfort required to ride his bike in the real-world. No problem. Gareth came to see us at Procycles BMW Hornsby. He tried the new BMW S1000 R, the sit-up superbike that inherited the BMW RR’s genes. Everything Gareth wanted … superb ride-all-day comfort and legendary BMW ergonomics, more useable power and an amazing electronics suite of rider aids and safety features, as only BMW can deliver. We traded his Aprilia and Gareth was off, heading to the nearest freeway on-ramp. Enjoy it mate. You got it all.

    Gareth 2023-08-16

  • Verified Buyer
    Chris - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    A late post for Chris who picked up his 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R on Valentine’s Day this year and what a way to show his love for Kawasaki’s screaming litre in-line 4 engine, after owning and trading a 2017 ZX10R model on the latest generation. Now he has a new TFT display, Electronic cruise control, Launch control modes, Cornering management function, Smartphone connectivity, a redesigned front end to reduced drag, keeping that aggressive appeal the ZX10R is renowned for, along with a bump in horsepower to take his riding to the next level. Well done Chris. Congratulations from the team at Procycles Kawasaki Sydney.

    Chris 2023-08-02

  • Verified Buyer
    Juan - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    This is Juan on his Kawasaki Z400, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. The spritely Z400 is a stunningly designed motorcycle that delivers 44 hp from a 399cc parallel twin engine and has a capable chassis, same as the Ninja 400. The Z, however, provides a more upright riding position and streetfighter styling. Beginners or riders with shorter inseams will appreciate the Z’s narrow seat and its relatively low 30.9-inch height, which makes for an easy step down when at the lights. An assist and slipper clutch helps limit left hand fatigue when navigating through the six-speed transmission. The brakes are superb. Dual-piston calipers grip onto petal discs (310mm and 220mm, front/rear) with standard ABS ready for sudden stops. Juan is going to have so much fun on this bike. Thanks for choosing Procycles. We might be Kawasaki’s newest Sydney dealer, but we have been here for nearly 50 years. And we are looking forward to showing you a whole new Kawasaki buying experience. Be like Juan and give us a try.

    Juan 2023-08-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Jackson - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Jackson collected his 2023 KTM 890 Adventure yesterday. Jackson is new to the adventure bike scene, but what a way to start. This model is the most advanced middleweight in its class, with an off-road capability second to none. The KTM 890 Adventure R is packed with Rider Aids like Traction control, Cornering ABS and Rider modes that can be adjusted on the fly. The ‘23 model has re-worked WP EXPLOR suspension, Dakar Rally inspired bodywork [from the 450], a redesigned Windshield with dual functionality for an unobstructed view when on standing on the pegs, a 5” TFT display with integrated Bluetooth Connectivity, Turn by turn Navigation and quick access to KTM’s roadside assistance. Jackson’s riding experience is further enhanced with optional additions like a Quik-shifter and Cruise control and with the introduction of Demo Mode, Jackson can test the Tech Pack for the first 1,500 kilometres .. free. Enjoy your new adventure Jackson, from the team at Procycles KTM Sydney.

    Jackson 2023-07-05

  • Verified Buyer
    Alex - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Alex collected his 2019 BMW S1000 RR Race from Procycles BMW Sydney over the weekend. No doubt Alex is enjoying his time on this immaculate model, traded recently in our used motorcycle department. Alex was initially looking for a Sport variant in the RR range but after some discussion with our salesman he soon realised he was in for a great deal, getting some cool extras on the Race version, like Forged wheels, a GPS lap trigger, Tyre pressure monitoring, the M battery, the Dynamic package including Cruise and Suspension dampening control as well as Heated grips to name just a few goodies this model offers. Congratulations Alex … you are sorted yourself for some fun on the road fun. No let’s get you on a new KTM for when it's time to hit the dirt.

    Alex 2023-07-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Weijie - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Weijie Lin made the very wise choice of picking a Kawasaki Ninja 400, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney, to start his motorcycling adventures. The Ninja 400 is the perfect combination of speed, agility, performance, and looks that makes for a very engaging and rewarding experience. A low seat height and excellent ergonomics make for easy control, particularly for smaller riders. The engine has all the power Weijie will ever need, but more importantly, it is very tractable, with lots of torque and a nice and meaty midrange. The brakes are powerful, the stock tyres are sure-footed, and low speed maneouvres are very easy. No matter what your skill level is. The Ninja 400 continues to be the go-to bike for serious first-time fun on a tight budget. Weijie had our workshop fit Oggy knobs for that added protection. 无论你是刚来到澳洲或者想体验驾驶摩托车的美好感, 你可以到 St Peters Procycles来, 我们说您的语言, 或者打电话给 [02] 9564 8003 Bob Wang

    Weijie 2023-07-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Waqar - Procycles New Kawasaki Owner

    Lucky Waqar has collected this gorgeous 2023 Special Edition White Ninja 400 ABS, from Procycles Kawasaki Sydney. The Ninja 400 offers the largest displacement in its category with its sophisticated 399cc twin-cylinder engine, delivering useable power, superb ergonomics and class-leading performance. A low seat height and aggressive styling with LED headlights make the Ninja 400 the ideal choice for riders looking to enter the sport-riding scene. Waqar gets a smooth, manageable ride that's ideal for new riders, with all the features, power and handling to more than satisfy more experienced riders. Waqar is sure to turn a few heads when they see how good this bike looks in all pearl white. Enjoy it mate. It’s a beautiful motorcycle.

    Waqar 2023-07-01

  • Verified Buyer
    Lani - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Lani has been riding trials and motocross bikes nearly all of her life. These days she thoroughly enjoys adventure riding and has the confidence to attack even the roughest terrain after her years of experience. Attracted by the BMW Safari rides later in the year, Lani visited the Hornsby BMW Procycles store, with her son Isaac, who is also an avid off-road rider. Lani went for a test ride on the BMW R1250 GS Adventure and the R1250 GS, so that she could be certain which GS model would best suit her height and weight. Lani felt most comfortable on the R1250 GS but she added some of the Adventure model extra equipment by Wunderlich. Lani had our workshop fit a set of Wunderlich Engine Bars, Wunderlich Cylinder Head Protectors and Wunderlich Upper Crash Bars plus a set of BMW genuine soft Panniers and Top Bag. Lani was all geared up and ready to set off on a new life adventure with all the right equipment to do the job properly.

    Lani 2023-04-14

  • Verified Buyer
    Yufei - Procycles New KTM Owner

    Yufei has just collected her 2023 KTM 390 Duke. This model is a very cool, dark design and is loaded with ample features for a beginner rider to enjoy. Yufei was a little nervous with her decision at first, but she came through again for a trial run on our demonstrator, and decided this would be the perfect upgrade from her CB125. Sure Yufei’s new 390 Duke has a lot more power with its 44-horsepower, single cylinder engine, but the upright handlebar positions were a familiar feel. The big differences for Yufei will be in the new features: like a tidy switch block for the advanced TFT display, with additional Bluetooth pairing. Yufei also gets adjustable levers, ABS that can be disabled, inverted WP forks on the front with preload adjustment for the rear shock and ultra-lightweight cast alloy wheels. With a complete package like 390 Duke, Yufei will be tearing up the streets in no time. Congratulations from the team at Procycles KTM Sydney.

    Yufei 2023-04-14

  • Verified Buyer
    Greg - Procycles New BMW Owner

    Greg is planning to completely change his life. He recently sold everything that doesn’t fit on his new bike! A BMW R1250 GS Adventure in Triple Black, with low suspension, from Procycles BMW Sydney. As a warm up, Greg is off on some short trips … around Australia. Then later this year he will ship the bike to Bali … and from there he is off on the ultimate adventure …. to ride around the world! Greg has the right bike for the job. His BMW R1250 GSA was built for serious challenges. It’s made for impassable routes, adverse conditions and the most remote destinations. In the latest model, touring suitability and comfort has been further optimized to the highest standards. From driver assistance systems, lighting technology and advanced riding modes to a USB socket, the R1250 GS Adventure offers Greg everything he needs to explore the world. Greg wisely picked the Triple Black version which adds all the optional packages. He also purchased the personal essentials … a full BMW Luggage bundle in black, as well as his new BMW riding gear, BMW Helmet and a GPS …. so he can eventually find his way home. Here’s Greg, pictured with our Business Manager, Marguerite. She’s just making sure Greg gets away safely.

    Greg 2023-04-08

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