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Buying Good Second Hand Motorbikes

As with any sort of previously used vehicle, second hand motorbikes come with a history and that history can affect how they operate. As a person looking to buy one of those bikes, you have to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Sometimes the sheer amount of money that unaware buyers spend on used motorcycle parts and maintenance could allow them to buy a brand new motorcycle.

What to Look For?

When looking at second hand motorbikes, you need to think about whether you are buying a current model with a good availability of parts. With some older models and less recognisable brand names, parts may be very difficult to source. You might like to see what generic parts, if any, are available.

Buy from Someone Upstanding

Motorcycles are owned by all kinds of people. Just because they’re willing to sell you one of their bikes doesn’t mean that they have your best interests at heart. You need to be honest about your purchase and so do they. Take some precautions if you find that the person selling you the bike is acting suspicious. It’s in your own best interest to look into details like that a little more. If you are uncomfortable then consider buying from a licenced motorcycle dealer and check to see if you get a warranty period with your purchase.

Are You Experienced?

A Motorcycle, whether new or used, will need maintenance just like any vehicle. The cost may be less than maintaining a car, but it will still require regular servicing. Be aware that if the motorcycle is still covered by a manufacturers warranty, you should get the servicing done by an accredited motorcycle dealer for that brand. That way you will not void your warranty. Remember most modern motorcycles need to be connected to a diagnostic computer to see if its showing any fault codes. And this service is usually only available at your brand’s official dealer.

If you’re into doing the servicing yourself, make sure you are confident about your level of experience and you have a service manual. You you might want to get a quote from Procycles to service your bike or check out Procycles as a place to get used motorcycle parts. Contact them today to see if they have what you’re looking for to keep your motorcycle in good running shape.

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