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Motorcycle Jackets: How to Achieve Both Comfort & Safety

Experienced riders choose the best motorcycle jackets. After all, it’s the one thing they’ll wear every day whenever they’re out on the road.

Aside from providing protection, these jackets should also feel comfortable. Whether you’re a regular commuter, an avid rider or a weekend warrior, you should feel comfortable at all times for both enjoyment and safety reasons.

How do you choose a motorcycle jacket? What are the things you should take note? Let’s discuss the answers below:

1. A different jacket depending on the weather

There are specific jackets specifically designed either for rainy days or summer weeks. This way, the riders will receive optimum protection from rain or heat.

For example, jackets designed for summer should have an excellent ventilation system. The air should flow freely so you can avoid massive sweating and discomfort even when all day riding.

On the other hand, jackets for rainy days should be wind and waterproof. Many of the jackets of this type often come with pants (a one piece rain suit). They should also be easy to wear that’s why often they have easy entry features (long front and leg zippers).

2. Ventilation

As mentioned earlier, an excellent ventilation system can keep you comfortable even during hot summer days. The mesh can let the air circulate freely while you’re riding or on steady.

It’s ideal that you also wear pants which provide excellent ventilation. This way, your whole body will be protected from heat and sweat. In addition, the areas around the thighs should resist heat. This will protect you from the motorbike heat even during long rides.

3. Tough, but still flexible

The motorcycle jackets should resist abrasion even after daily long rides. They should protect you from heat, cold, wind and physical contact.

However, this doesn’t mean that the jacket should be stiff. It should still offer excellent flexibility so you can safely perform your manoeuvres and remain comfortable at all times.

Fortunately, jackets are now made from durable and still flexible materials. These jackets also have a rugged look that many riders like.

Motorcycle jackets Sydney

Safety and comfort are the priorities when it comes to choosing a motorcycle gear. Beyond those, you can even find jackets that are stylish (perfect for occasional tours).

At Procycles, we can provide you with a wide range of options. You can tell us your needs and preferences. Our experienced staff can then provide you with some options perfect for you.

Contact us today and we’ll be glad to answer your enquiries.