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Sell My Motorbike Sydney: Looking for a Same Day Payment?

“I’m planning to sell my motorbike. I need a quick and same-day payment so I can immediately use the cash. Also, I want fewer hassles in the process.”

Perhaps you’re in that scenario. Whatever your reason for selling your bike (e.g. you need to buy a new one, you’re moving overseas), you need a fast way to do it so you can move forward and do something else.

Good news is, many people in Sydney are in need of a used motorcycle. Perhaps they’re looking for more affordable options. They might also need it for practice. Whichever is the case, motorcycle centres and distributors are looking for used bikes to fill that customer demand.

What about the payment?

It’s recommended to choose a company that offers same-day payment. This way, you won’t need to wait for days. You will save time (your personal and travel time). You won’t need to come back to the store because everything’s settled on the same day.

It’s also recommended to make the transaction in the morning or in the early afternoon. The reason is transactions completed after 4pm might result to money being deposited the next day. It could be because the paperwork needed or the banking hours and processing.

How it works?

First, you can fill out an online form such as this one. You can fill out the details about you and your motorcycle. You will include the bike model, year of purchase and kilometres run. You might also need to upload a few pictures of your bike.

After filling out the form, you can bring the bike or send it to the store (e.g. here at Procycles). We can then talk about the price. If we reach an agreement, we will buy the motorcycle and pay you the same day. We can deposit the agreed amount into your nominated bank account (through Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT).

It’s a quick and straightforward process. You will get a sure transaction especially if your bike is in good working order. It’s a win-win situation both for you the seller and the buyer of your motorcycle.

Sell my motorbike Sydney

You might get a more secure and better deal if you sell your motorbike through a reputable outlet. For instance, many Sydney riders have already sold their bike to us here at Procycles.

With our 40 years of service in Sydney, we guarantee fast and professional service to you, whether you’re a motorbike seller or buyer. Contact us today if you need more information.